Mercedes-Benz Steps Into Digital Entertainment With SUPERPLASTIC Collab

Mercedes-Benz Steps Into Digital Entertainment With SUPERPLASTIC Collab

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 11, 2023

Mercedes-Benz has taken an unexpected step into the world of digital entertainment by partnering with SUPERPLASTIC. The global entertainment brand is the world’s top creator of animated celebs, vinyl toys and digital collectibles, and has collaborated with a variety of A-class brands and celebrities, including Tommy Hilfiger and rapper Vince Staples.

The partnership was announced at CES 2023 and caught audiences off guard. What appears to be a counterintuitive collaboration of “two very different worlds” became a perfect pairing unexpectedly. The collaboration, however, explores the connection of two worlds – the digital and physical.

Mercedes-Benz is cleverly tapping into the urban popularity of SUPERPLASTIC’s digitalized animal mascots. Guggimon, a white rabbit, and Janky, a white bear, have almost two million and one million Instagram followers, respectively.

Digital characters Yanky and Guggimon leaning on red cubes
Janky and Guggimon by SUPERPLASTIC

That is why the luxury vehicle company now has a digital character, the party-pup Superdackel, inspired by Mercedes-Benz's much-loved Wackeldackel mascot.

“Mercedes-Benz has reinvented and reinterpreted its brand and vehicles for a modern, digital era – so why shouldn’t the iconic Wackeldackel receive an update, too? We warmly welcome Superdackel to the Mercedes‑Benz family,” said Bettina Fetzer, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.

The partnership kicked off with an animated short titled “Road Tripz,” starring Guggimon, Janky and Superdackel, cruising around New York City in a Mercedes-Benz and having all kinds of adventures. This is only one part of many exciting activations coming from the two brands later this year.

Apart from digital content, audiences had the opportunity to see the Superdackel in person at this year’s CES, in the form of an 8-foot statue.

The introduction of Superdackel aims to introduce Mercedes-Benz to new audiences and to give the traditional company access to a more modern target group. You can keep up with the colliding worlds and their plans here.

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