Inside CES 2023: What’s Trending in Tech?

Inside CES 2023: What’s Trending in Tech?

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 09, 2023

It’s been a while since the most influential tech event in the world, but this year’s CES has come back with a bang. The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind CES, certainly prepared a show. The 2023 show in Las Vegas had an enormous number of attendees, up more than double compared to 2022.

When it comes to developments in the tech industry, we are in the middle of an evolving landscape.

Each year, CES brings together the latest and greatest tech innovation, showcasing the newest products and services from IT services companies worldwide. And this year’s show did not disappoint. With sustainability at the center stage, let’s discuss some of the trending topics recognized at CES 2023, painting a picture of what’s coming in the tech industry in the following months (and years).

Sustainability is a Tech Priority

Innovative technology and sustainability must go hand-in-hand, as the climate crisis is impossible for individuals and corporations alike to ignore. In preparation for this year’s event, CES insisted that sustainability is not only a matter of good business but also a good practice.

“Trade shows and sustainability initiatives have too often worked at cross purposes. They don’t have to. When large industry events prioritize waste reduction and energy efficiency, the rewards can extend measurably to the industries on site,” stated the official CES 2023 press release overview on sustainability.

Most companies touched upon the topics of sustainability and environmental impact during their presentations, some providing what could be key technological advances that paint a picture of the future of urban environments.

Samsung stepped into the spotlight at CES 2023 when it comes to sustainability, presenting a variety of innovations focused on sustainable living.

From the industry’s first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management Systems, which allows consumers to gain insights into their energy use, to the collaboration with outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia which led to the creation of Less Microfiber Cycle, a laundry process that cuts microfiber emissions by up to 54%, Samsung proved to be an eco-conscious company with sustainability on its mind.

“Our ambition is to become the most energy-efficient appliance brand globally, and our latest products and partnerships will help make sustainable living a reality for more people and more communities,” explained Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the R&D Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

The Future of Tech in Your Smart Home

Research by the World Economic Forum estimates that 130 million households owned a smart home device in 2022, expected to grow to 335 million households in the next five years. The smart home industry is on the rise and this year’s CES proved just how much.

The open-source smart home standard Matter, released at the end of 2022, took center stage. Already backed by the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google, other companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Smart lighting upstart Govee presented Matter-compatible smart lights which sync lighting to whatever game you are playing, while smart home gadget maker Eve plans on releasing new (as well as existing) tech for Matter, including the introduction of smart blinds. However, Samsung’s SmartStation may be the first on our wish list. The small device will be able to kickstart Matter smart home routines while wirelessly charging your phone or tablet!

Innovative Technology and the Car Experience

The growing popularity of electric vehicles and self-driving cars has the automobile industry increasingly overlapping with the tech industry, with companies racing to show that cars are about more than simply transport.

Sony may have stolen the show with the prototype reveal of its first car, created in partnership with Honda. The Afeela electric vehicle, set to be on sale in 2026, boasts 45 sensors for autonomous driving and advanced entertainment options within the car. Sony will also be partnering with Qualcomm to drive its in-car experience.

Prototype of Afeela electric vehicle
(Source: Sony)
Afeela Electric Vehicle Prototype 

This year’s CES was also where BMW chose to present its new vision vehicle for the first time. BMW showcased “i Vision Dee” (or “Digital emotional experience”) during its keynote presentation, suggesting the possibility of a new kind of communication between humans and vehicles – an ultimate companion that not only recognizes your needs but predicts them.

“With the BMW i Vision Dee, we are showcasing what is possible when hardware and software merge. In this way, we are able to exploit the full potential of digitalization to transform the car into an intelligent companion. That is the future for automotive manufacturers – and, also, for BMW: the fusion of the virtual experience with genuine driving pleasure,” said the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Oliver Zipse.

This Year's Health Tech is in the Bathroom

While it is no surprise that artificial intelligence is used to monitor health through technology, this year’s health-related tech at CES has proven that the most accurate health metrics can be acquired while going about your daily business (in the bathroom).

Casana’s In-home cardiovascular monitoring toilet seat, known as “The Heart Seat,” passively captures health parameters and seeks to track health changes. It tracks blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen. However, audiences seemed most excited about Withings’ rechargeable $500 “U-Scan,” a sensor placed inside the toilet bowl giving users hands-free access to urine analysis.

The company pointed out that while urine analysis is rarely targeted for at-home health monitoring, urine has more than 3,000 metabolites which give an immediate and clear picture of the body’s health balance.

This was also a big year for health tech due to the FDA’s official approval of over-the-counter hearing aids, opening a potential space for more innovative health tech in the future. The “Jabra Enhance Plus,” a miniaturized 3-in-1 for hearing enhancement, music and calls, was just one of many looking to make the most of this gap in the market.

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