Reddit Drops Recap Video in Partnership with R/GA

Reddit Drops Recap Video in Partnership with R/GA

News by Marge Serrano
Published: December 20, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Reddit released its annual highlight reel of the year that has been. Produced in partnership with R/GA, the year-in-review debuted on December 8th with a three-minute video montage that showcases a plethora of unforgettable memories, trending memes, and funny moments shared within the community. Indeed, it was one for the books.  

The Reddit Recap is a tradition the platform launched in 2020 when the community was nearing its 15th year. This year’s video features new out-of-home elements and candid social clips, celebrating the user base’s unhinged and extensive platform use. It also features personalized usage stats on individuals’ accounts and other cheeky components that touch on the campaign’s similarities to Spotify Wrapped head-on. 


[Source: Reddit] 
[Source: Reddit] 


With an original song as a backdrop, the video boasts of real-time, intimate conversations and milestones across Reddit’s 100,000+ communities this year, including some Redditor’s support for Ukrainian refugees and much more. Some memorable discussion topics on Reddit this year include Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, pop art, Euphoria, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Taylor Swift’s new music and the Royal Family, among other viral moments. 

The Reddit Recap video has become a highly anticipated highlight for the Reddit community and beyond, with previous videos becoming the 2nd and 3rd most upvoted posts in r/blog and part of the most awarded posts list in all of Reddit’s history. This year’s video will go live on Reddit, the brand’s YouTube and other social channels. 

The videos reflect how Reddit users spend time and engage with communities on the platform by drawing attention to the moments that made connecting with others memorable, said the senior manager of consumer product marketing at Reddit, Rachel Weber Callaway.  

“Sometimes, when you’re on the platform every day, you maybe forget all the places you’ve been and all the posts you’ve seen that made you smile or that prompted you to comment,” she continued. “Having that personalized product gives our users a chance to understand and reflect on everything they contributed to and gained from the platform over the past year.” 

To build awareness for the campaign, Reddit purchased a digital billboard ad in Times Square, created by its in-house creative studio OrangeRed and animation studio Toast. It will also promote the much-awaited content across social channels.  

Get a glimpse of the Reddit Recap video below:

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