Hellmann's Focuses on Food Waste in Super Bowl Ad With the Help of Hollywood Celebrities

Hellmann's Focuses on Food Waste in Super Bowl Ad With the Help of Hollywood Celebrities
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 08, 2023

Hellmann’s brings attention to the question of food waste at this year’s Super Bowl with the help of unexpected celebrities like Jon Hamm, Brie Larson and Pete Davidson. He really is everywhere!

The game day ad features a miniature Hamm and Larson in a fridge appearing next to what appears to be a giant jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. “Hamm and Brie – I get it! And Hellmann’s!” exclaims a surprised Hamm, realizing why the two of them found themselves in someone’s fridge.

In an (even more) unexpected turn of events, none other than SNL comedian Pete Davidson opens the fridge to find two of his celebrity colleagues among the leftover ingredients for his sandwich. “Hellmann’s bring leftovers to life,” says Davidson.

He grabs a few things from the fridge, including the jar of Hellmann’s, thankfully leaving the mini-Hamm and mini-Larson in the fridge. The campaign slogan “Make taste, not waste” brings the advertisement and a key branding point for Hellmann's together, shifting the focus from comedy to the Unilever brand’s focus on awareness of food waste.

“I didn’t really think about how much food waste happens at home when you don’t pay attention to what’s in your fridge until filming this commercial,” said Mad Man actor Jon Hamm about filming the advertisement.

“When Hellmann’s came to me about incorporating my namesake ingredient into their Big Game commercial, I was thrilled. I hope our commercial inspires viewers to keep that in mind the next time they think about tossing brie out,” added the Captain Marvel star Brie Larson.

This is the third time the condiment brand has released a Super Bowl spot highlighting the issue of food waste and Davidson’s second appearance in a Hellmann’s commercial.

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