Meghan Trainor Stars in Pringles’ Newest Super Bowl Ad

Meghan Trainor Stars in Pringles’ Newest Super Bowl Ad
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 30, 2023

Are you part of the 43% of people that has gotten their hand stuck in a can of Pringles while grabbing the last chip? We can now add Grammy-winning pop star Meghan Trainor to that list, as seen in the teaser spot for this year’s Pringles Super Bowl commercial.

Revealed exclusively to People, the teaser ad features Trainer filming herself doing the viral TikTok choreography to her hit song “Made You Look” while munching on some cheddar cheese Pringles. As she reaches for the last chip in the can, her hand gets stuck. She humorously struggles to release her hand as her song continues to play in the background.

The scenario is a continuation of last year’s Pringle ad, which toyed with imaginative scenarios of what could happen when a Pringle-lover gets their hand stuck in a can.

This year, the legendary chip brand has combined celebrity, TikTok trends and a well-known joke about itself in what will surely be a much-loved advertisement at the Super Bowl. The viral TikTok dance that Trainor performs now has over of 55 million views.

The Pringles ad also differentiates itself by being the first snack brand in five years to have a celebrity cameo in a Super Bowl commercial. This is something that will surely be noticed, by both customers and creative agencies. The full spot will not be shown until the game on February 12.

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