Breaking Bad Cast Guests in PopCorners First Super Bowl Ad

Breaking Bad Cast Guests in PopCorners First Super Bowl Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 07, 2023

Frito-Lay’s PopCorners finally made its much-awaited debut in Super Bowl, and did so while featuring one of television’s most iconic duos. In its latest “Break Into Something Good” commercial, the snack company featured the cast of the critically-acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad a decade after it last aired, appealing to long-time fans of the show and audiences who are new to the snack.  

Frito-Lay North America Chief Marketing Officer Brett O’Brien called this advertising campaign “a tremendous moment for the brand on the rise.”  

“We're showcasing why fans love this air-popped, never fried snack in an exciting and unexpected way through the lens of two characters who could've used their talents to Break Into Something Good,” he stated. 

The one-minute advertisement reimagines classic scenes from the show, honoring its legacy as one of the highest-rated shows of all time.  

It starts with Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) inspecting PopCorners as if it were a breakthrough drug. He shares his excitement with partner Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), who then tells him it’s baked, not fried and simply made with basic ingredients.  

They then share their “discovery” and meet up with Tuco Salamanca (played by Raymond Cruz) to hand him a bag of PopCorners. Salamanca aggressively eats the chips and demands from the two seven flavors instead of six, to which the pair obliged.  

The title card is then flashed: “Breaking Into Something Good: Now in seven flavors.” 

Cranston explained that the brand’s desire to create a faithful ode to the franchise and a campaign that would excite Breaking Bad fans are what brought the cast to return for the commercial.  

Walt would've been immediately drawn to the basic ingredients in PopCorners, so 'Breaking Good' made perfect sense as an alternate storyline that would've been much better for him and Jesse," the actor explained. 

Aaron Paul expressed equal excitement with his co-star, saying that there’s nothing better than getting to revive characters who mean so much to the cast.  

"We're grateful that PopCorners gave us the perfect opportunity to reunite our 'Breaking Bad' family, especially with a brand that I think is about to become everyone's go-to snack," he shared. 

The PopCorners commercial has been viewed 572K times on the PopCorners official YouTube channel and several thousand views on other regional PopCorners channels as of writing, and is slated to air in the Super Bowl LVII next week. Watch the commercial below: 

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