87% of Marketers Believe They Will Lose Their Jobs to AI

87% of Marketers Believe They Will Lose Their Jobs to AI

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 01, 2024

A recent survey conducted by research firm Gartner has shed light on the apprehensions many marketers have over generative artificial intelligence (AI).

It revealed that a whopping 87% of the 627 respondents worry that generative AI will potentially replace their roles in the industry. 

Even more shocking, 89% of the marketers expressed their fear about job cuts within their own companies, and over half (55%) reported feeling mismatched job expectations in their current roles. 

The Gartner survey also brings attention to the challenges posed by marketing technology (martech), with 50% of marketers finding it to be complex and time-consuming.

Additionally, a separate survey of 405 martech leaders conducted between May and June of 2023 revealed that 63% believe marketing lacks the technical skills required to effectively integrate and operate various technologies.

Gartner Director Sends Warning to CMOs

Despite the potential benefits of generative AI, including increased efficiency and performance, concerns obviously  linger regarding its impact on job security.

An alarming 26% of marketing leaders are planning headcount reductions in 2024 due to the adoption of generative AI tools, according to a survey of 822 business executives conducted between September and November 2023.

Iliyana Hadjistoyanova, director of advisory at Gartner Marketing Practice, highlights the potential consequences of environmental uncertainty and the burden of martech on employee well-being and retention.

"These findings should be a red flag for CMOs, as high environmental uncertainty, mismatched role expectations and martech burden can lead to burnout, as well as increased attrition," Hadjistoyanova shared.

"It is crucial that CMOs closely align with their martech leaders to establish talent development plans that not only assess but address these skill gaps. Martech investments have a direct impact on the employee experience, and CMOs must weigh these costs and benefits,” she added. 

The Pros of Generative AI

However, there is a glimmer of hope amidst these challenges.

Marketers who engage more with generative AI are 30% less likely to experience burnout and 40% less likely to leave their jobs, indicating the potential for technology to enhance employee well-being and engagement.

According to Hadjistoyanova, there is a need to emphasize the importance of CMOs prioritizing talent development and change management strategies to ensure their teams are equipped to survive and thrive in this rapidly evolving digital age.

“By developing robust talent plans that incorporate the use of GenAI and work to increase skill preparedness, CMOs can mitigate its impacts on employees’ well-being, leading to overall engagement and retention.

"These actionable steps must address role transition and fit-for-purpose employee learning, as well as cover technology and process changes related to GenAI adoption.”

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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