Microsoft Tests Bing AI in Google Chrome, Safari Browsers

Microsoft Tests Bing AI in Google Chrome, Safari Browsers

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: July 25, 2023

Microsoft has begun rolling out its AI chatbot, Bing, in both Google Chrome and Safari, but it will come with limitations.  

According to a report by Windows Latest, some users have received a pop-up in their Chrome browsers that enables the use of Bing. Similarly, users have reported having access to the AI chatbot in Safari too.  

While the rollout is still in its early stages, certain features will be limited. As per the report, Bing for Google Chrome will only support up to five messages per conversation compared to Bing in Microsoft Edge, which supports 30.  

The character count has also been slashed in half, supporting only up to 2,000 characters in Chrome in contrast to Edge’s 4,000-character limit. 

In line with the launch, the tech giant is also testing a new dark mode for the AI chatbot, which can be interchangeably switched with the existing light mode.

“We are flighting access to Bing Chat in Safari and Chrome to select users as part of our testing on other browsers […] We are excited to expand access to even more users once our standard testing procedures are complete,” Microsoft Director of Communications Caitlin Roulston told reporters. 

The latest update comes as tech giants continue to make their AI tools more accessible across platforms and devices. 

Last May, AI company OpenAI rolled out its chatbot ChatGPT for iOS devices. An Android app release is also slated to launch by the end of the month.

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