YouTube Rolls Out New Features to Boost Engagement on Short-Form Videos

YouTube Rolls Out New Features to Boost Engagement on Short-Form Videos

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 13, 2023

YouTube has rolled out some improved engagement options, targeting Shorts viewers and creators, as well as furthering the potential success of the platform’s new format.

Active Engagement With Viewers

A new filter allows Shorts creators to find comments that have received replies, making it easier for aspiring or active content creators to find active discussions among their viewers. The update will be available in the coming weeks and listed under “Response status” in the comments section of YouTube Studio.

“This filter will allow creators to find comments that they have previously responded to that have since received new responses. The goal is to help creators more easily continue conversations with our audience and build community through use of this filter,” stated YouTube in a blog post about the new features.

Easy Insight Into How Viewers Find Content Creators

Also located in YouTube Studio, the platform has added a color-coded stacked bar display for the “How Viewers Find You” metric. The newly-organized display gives a quick insight into essential data for content creators.

The improved layout is an example of how other metrics may be displayed on YouTube Studio in the future.

Direct Communication Between Creators and Viewers

YouTube Shorts is upping its game with the platform by offering more functionality for interacting through questions.

Creators can reply to viewers’ comments in the form of Shorts, while viewers will now receive a notification when a creator replies to their comment. In addition to this, the comment sticker is now “tappable,” leading viewers to the original video that was commented on.

A step-by-step instruction video was uploaded to the YouTube Creators channel, outlining how creators can best interact with viewers to create a sense of community on the platform.

The feature is being released for iOS today and will be available for Android shortly.

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