New WhatsApp Updates Take the App Up a Notch for Users

New WhatsApp Updates Take the App Up a Notch for Users

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 05, 2023

WhatsApp is introducing some updates to the messaging app, making chatting “a little more fun and productive.” 

The messaging updates are focused on polls and media sharing, broadening how customers can use these features and putting top mobile app development in the spotlight. 

It will now be easier for users to take full advantage of creating polls on WhatsApp. In addition to being able to filter chats for photos, links, and videos, the app’s users can now filter for polls as well, making it easier to find previous polls within an existing chat.  

Single-vote polls are also now part of the poll feature. By turning off the “allow multiple answers” option when creating polls, people will be given the option to vote only once. Additionally, poll creators can now stay updated on poll responses in real-time by receiving notifications when people vote on their polls.

Smartphone display of new WhatsApp poll feature
(Source: Meta)

Forwarding media has also now become a lot easier on WhatsApp. Until now, users were not able to add a caption to forwarded links, photos, documents, and videos, and re-sharing images sometimes requires more context. 

WhatsApp is updating this feature to include the possibility to keep, delete, and rewrite captions when forwarding media from other chats.  

Smartphone display of new WhatsApp caption feature
(Source: Meta)

This is just one of Meta's recent updates to bring WhatsApp to the forefront of the messaging app industry. The messaging app’s updates will roll out in the coming weeks and will be available to users globally. 

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