Universal Music Group and Coca-Cola's Kind of Magic for Qatar World Cup 2022

Universal Music Group and Coca-Cola's Kind of Magic for Qatar World Cup 2022
Published: October 24, 2022

Universal Music Group (UMG) helped Coca-Cola produce its second Qatar World Cup ad, a new performance of the Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” starring Danna Paola, Felukah, and Tamtam.

Coca-Cola, one of the official sponsors of FIFA World Cup 2022, is gearing up for this year’s soccer championship in Qatar with a series of ads celebrating the sport and the world-renowned sweet drink. While advertising agency WPP handled the production of the first ad for the Qatar World Cup, Universal Music Group lent its hand in the re-imagination of “A Kind of Magic.”

The multicultural take on “A Kind of Magic” puts Danna Paola, Felukah, and Tamtam in the spotlight. It’s the second installment in Coke’s “Real Magic” platform, following the “Believing Is Magic” ad campaign.

“We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Tamtam, Felukah, and Danna Paola, to create a unique version of Queen’s ‘A Kind of Magic,'” shares Joshua Burke, Sr. Director of Global Music & Culture Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. “This reimagined track showcases the unique styles of these talented artists while embracing the world-renowned classic.”

UMG filmed the spot for a new Kind of Magic in Mexico City. The video that’s part of Coca-Cola’s brand strategy combines Latin and Arabic cultural vibes and mixes them with an upbeat and dynamic performance to embody the hype soccer fans from the world over are feeling ahead of the Qatar World Cup.

The colorful and vibrant feel of the spot is truly deserving of the 1986 original and shows UMG’s penchant for paying homage to both legendary artists and soccer fans readying up for the 2022 championship.

Earlier this year, UMG, in collaboration with its global brand partnerships division, UMGB (Universal Music Group for Brands) launched the official track for the Conductor film, which the new track ties to. The film paid respects to “A Kind of Magic” by bringing several artists from across the globe to add their feel to the track. The artists in question are Ari Lennox, Griff, Ekin Beril, Mariah Angeliq, Tems, Tesher, and TRI.BE.

As for the championship, Qatar World Cup tickets are being sold left and right, and there’s a massive interest in the event, despite rumors and accusations of corruption and civil rights issues plaguing Qatar as the host country.

It likely won’t get in the way of great ads we’re about to see, or the celebration of soccer that is the world cup.

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