WPP Scores Big with Coca-Cola Advert for Qatar World Cup

WPP Scores Big with Coca-Cola Advert for Qatar World Cup

Published: October 16, 2022

The advertising agency WPP and Coca-Cola were among the first companies to unveil ads for the upcoming Qatar World Cup.

“Believing is Magic” is the duo’s message to soccer fans everywhere ahead of the tournament which begins on November 20.

Coca-Cola, one of the official Qatar World Cup sponsors, has released the "Believing is Magic” campaign as part of its “Real Magic” platform.

According to Brad Ross, VP of Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company, soccer is the place where magic happens. No matter how unlikely a certain outcome is, people can believe in it until the very end.

The one-minute campaign video features a girl daydreaming about her team winning the world cup. After she buys a bottle of Coca-Cola, she catches a slip that looks like Qatar World Cup tickets, but is instead a Coca-Cola official partner wrapper. She slips into the fantasy of her national soccer team’s victory and the celebration erupts. Crowds take to the streets to share in a sense of community over the national team’s success, spreading the brand message of togetherness.

WPP displays masterful advertising in “Believing is Magic” by avoiding any spoken lines. By doing so, the ad breaks down language barriers and can portray any supporter of any team across the globe.

No matter which country the viewer is from, they can enjoy the sense of community and the fantasy of their team winning the world cup.

Coca-Cola red dominates the ad, and is the only clue as to who the real winning team is.

Three additional digital films will support the one-minute video, and additional promotional materials will become available oncd the tournament begins. Coca-Cola will also release promotional packaging and unique product design that encapsulates “team colors and shared promises.”


Ross touched on the incredible interest for Qatar World Cup tickets, and explained it had to do with world wanting to feel alive again after the pandemic. The entire world, it seems, is ready to celebrate freedom and soccer once again. 

“We’re excited about the opportunity to democratize the sport and take it to all corners of the globe. We also see it as the world’s coming out party after years of lockdown,” said Ross.

“Ticket applications quadrupled previous FIFA World Cups. The world is clearly excited to celebrate a sense of normalcy again, and this is a big milestone.”

The international brand is working with FIFA on a first-ever World Cup Trophy tour across all 32 qualifying nations, and 51 countries and territories in total.

Coca-Cola recently increased its marketing spend in order to appeal to its audience and justify the bump in its product prices. The “Believing in Magic” campaign is a direct result.

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