TasmanAI Gives Your Prompts to Real Artists

TasmanAI Gives Your Prompts to Real Artists
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 20, 2024

Tourism Tasmania, in collaboration with BMF and Orchard, just launched a new platform that challenges the conventions of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of art.

"TasmanAI" is the group's groundbreaking initiative to redefine creativity in the digital age.

Departing from typical generative AI platforms, TasmanAI celebrates human ingenuity by tapping into the vibrant artistry of local talent.

In a one-minute spot, the company dives deep into the evolution of AI and its ability to do "in seconds what once took a lifetime of soul and skill" — and then introduces Cameron, one of its homegrown artists.

To preserve the spirit of human-made art, Tourism Tasmania created TasmanAI, "an image generator that turns your prompts into actual, original art" made by a real artist.

How Does TasmanAI Work?

Rather than relying on algorithms, TasmanAI invites users to submit prompts that are transformed into bespoke artworks by nine talented Tasmanian artists.

From ceramics to crayon, the artists imbue their creations with authenticity and soul, presenting a vivid reflection of Tasmania's distinctive way of life and its appeal as a travel destination.

To make a submission, users can visit TasmanAI's official website, write their prompt, choose a location and hit the "submit" button. 

TasmanAI's process (Source: Discover Tasmania)

Tourism Tasmania CMO Lindene Cleary underscores the importance of authenticity and humanity in creative expression.

“While AI has its place in the world, the Tasmanian way of life is authentic and creative, where producing original art with meaning takes time, soul and humanity," she explained.

"These are the things visitors will experience on a holiday in Tasmania — they 'come down for air' by slowing down, seeing the beauty beyond the surface, and making real connections. And of course, having a little fun."

The launch of TasmanAI is supported by BMF, Orchard, Havas Red and Starcom, marking a collaborative effort to promote Tasmania's wealth of artistic talent and stunning landscapes.

Through online videos, social media campaigns and artist activations, TasmanAI aims to captivate audiences worldwide with its celebration of human creativity.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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