Stella Artois Is 'Worth More' Than David Beckham in New TVC

Stella Artois Is 'Worth More' Than David Beckham in New TVC
Published: March 12, 2024

Stella Artois, the Belgian-born lager brand, has just launched a new television commercial featuring global football icon David Beckham.

The ad, titled "A Taste Worth More," takes a humorous approach to highlight the premium taste of Stella Artois and how it appeals to beer drinkers — even more than Beckham.

On Monday, Stella Artois posted on X, teasing fans about who its next brand ambassador could be.

The 30-second spot opens with Beckham entering a sleek bar and ordering a Stella Artois.

The bartender asks the football star to wait for a bit, as he makes three glasses of Stella Artois, setting each down near Beckham.

The focus shifts to a group of friends, a man and two women, looking towards Beckham, while it seems obvious to him that they are starstruck fans.

One of the women then approaches Beckham and lightly taps him on the shoulder.

Beckham looks as if he’s expecting to have to take a photo with the woman or sign an autograph, only to find out that the woman was just there to get the glasses of Stella Artois near him.

The bartender lightly chuckles, as the celebrity athlete smiles in embarrassment.

The spot ends with the text, “A taste worth more,” shown beside an ice-cold glass of Stella Artois.

Leveraging Beckham’s Celebrity Power

“A Taste Worth More” still enforces the premium beer brand’s “Reassuringly Expensive” advertising campaign that defined its identity from 1982 until 2007.

However, this latest campaign is a kind of rebranding. Times have changed, and the campaign needs to become relevant.

“Being ‘premium’ is no longer just about the price tag, brands now have to prove their worth to consumers at both an emotional and functional level,” Stella Artois Global VP of Marketing Tim Ovadia said in a press release.

Choosing the football legend was a well-planned brand strategy for Stella Artois, with his career trajectory aligning perfectly with Stella Artois' target audience.

The former footballer has naturally transitioned from an athletic peak to become a successful businessman and fashion icon, cultivating an image of sophistication and refined taste.

“Not only does he embody modern premium values, but he is also a beer consumer and Stella Artois lover — an authentic connection that builds strong partnership,” Richard Oppy, global VP of the Premium Co. at AB InBev, explained.

“This is a big moment for the Stella Artois brand that we believe can kick off a powerful wave of growth around the world,” he added.

Beckham's high "Q Score," a metric measured by Nielsen that reflects an endorser's likeability, trust, and effectiveness, further solidified his suitability for the campaign.

Strategic Timing Meeting Brand Diversification

This campaign's launch comes at an interesting time for Anheuser-Busch InBev, Stella Artois' parent company.

While AB InBev recently reported record revenues for 2023, driven by global sales and price increases, its North American unit faced a challenging year with a significant sales decline, particularly for Bud Light.

This decline has opened up valuable shelf space for the company's other brands, presenting an opportunity for Stella Artois to gain traction.

Beckham's global appeal could fuel Stella Artois' U.S. and international growth, similar to the success AB InBev experienced with Lionel Messi, whose endorsement helped the brand connect with a more global audience.

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