Beckham, Henry and 75,000 Fans Star in New Lay's Ad

Beckham, Henry and 75,000 Fans Star in New Lay's Ad

Published: February 23, 2024

Global snack brand Lay’s has teamed up with football icons David Beckham and Thierry Henry for the return of the "No Lay's, No Game" campaign, promising a winning combination of football passion and delicious munchies.

“Henry and Beckham, they were a natural choice. Who else would you team up with? They epitomize so many of the values of the Lay’s brand. They’re full of energy. They’re so well-loved all over the world,” Ciara Dilley, VP of marketing for Global Lay’s Brand, said in an interview.

The advertising campaign kicked off with a surprise moment before the match between Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan started at the San Siro stadium in Milan during the 2023 UEFA Champions League. The stadium was packed with about 75,000 fans.

Beckham and Henry are shown in the stands closest to the field eating Lay’s chips. “You ate all the chips,” Beckham complains to an unbothered Henry, all while they are being filmed by TV crews.

The sports star then directly addresses the crowd through the Jumbotron to tell them about his Lay’s problem. To fix it, Henry asked the “camera guys” to “please find someone with Lay’s to come down and watch the game” with them.

Equipped with a special "Chip Cam," they scanned the faces of fans, searching for one crucial ingredient: a bag of Lay's.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the camera finally located two fortunate fans with Lay's.

A father and daughter, each with a bag of the famous potato chips, were whisked away to a VIP area where they had the privilege of watching the rest of the match alongside the football giants.

"Last year, I teamed up with Lay's to surprise some of football's biggest fans by literally going to their doors to see if they had Lay's — and if they did, I stayed and watched the match with them," Henry stated in a press release.

"This year, we really upped the ante with the Lay's Chip Cam, and it was truly an exhilarating experience being back in the stadium with David,” he added.

Last year’s campaign involved Messi taking center stage for the Lay’s ad, but this time, former rivals Henry and Beckham are in the Spotlight.

In an interview showing the making of the ad, Beckham hilariously commented that he “did it for the free chips,” as Henry laughed.

“My experience today was totally different from Thierry’s because he’s been eating chips all day. And I’ve eaten nothing because there was none left,” the football legend continued.

Like before, Lay's has extended the "No Lay's, No Game" experience beyond the stadium.

Using the "Lay's Detector," fans watching the UEFA Champions League at home can scan their Lay's bags to prove they’re eating the chips while enjoying the game.

By doing so, they will be in the running to win exciting prizes, which includes tickets to the UCL Men's Finals at Wembley Stadium in London.

“This year, ‘No Lay's, No Game’ is giving fans even more reasons to have Lay's in hand. For those who do, something truly remarkable might happen. And those who don't? They may be left missing out,” Dilley stated.

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