Snapchat & Adidas Team Up To Style Your Bitmoji

Snapchat & Adidas Team Up To Style Your Bitmoji

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: December 08, 2022

It seems as if Snap is tapping into a new way to generate revenue on Snapchat, thanks to big brand collaborations. The latest collaboration sees Snapchat partnering up with Adidas to bring Bitmoji style to a whole new level.

The Adidas Bitmoji Fashion Drop will give users access to exclusive Adidas virtual merchandise for a limited amount of time. However, unlike with previous collaborations, this time style comes at a cost.

Users will be able to purchase virtual clothing items for their personalized avatars using Snap Tokens. To those interested in an idea of the real-world exchange rate, 250 Tokens go for $2.99 and 500 Tokens go for $4.99. A limited-edition yellow Adidas track jacket, available for your Bitmoji until December 9, costs a total of 250 Tokens, which can be obtained through the company's app.

A small price to pay for an Adidas track jacket perhaps, although it depends on whether you are in interested collecting clothing for your virtual wardrobe.

(Source: Snapchat)

While this isn’t the first case of an exclusive Bitmoji Drop on Snapchat, it is the first time that Snap Tokens can be used to acquire merchandise, which poses the question: are users prepared to spend money on virtual clothing for their virtual selves?

“Unlocking new Bitmoji Fashion experiences presents an exciting opportunity for Snapchatters to get access to exclusive digital fashion and express their unique digital identity, and a new frontier for innovative brand partnerships at Bitmoji scale,” stated David Rosenberg, the director of Bitmoji Strategy at Snap.

The latest exploration into Bitmoji potential sees both Snap and Adidas exploring realms that could be potentially profitable in the future.

As part of its ongoing metaverse strategy, Adidas has already stepped into the category of virtual wearables, even launching a segment on its site dedicated exclusively to “Virtual Gear.” The virtual clothing is designed for online avatars and can be used across a variety of virtual worlds. Simultaneously, Adidas also released its first collection of NFT clothing.

(Source: Adidas)
Adidas "Virtual Gear" designed for the metaverse

Snap has also seen multiple successful partnerships with clothing brands this year, including their work with Nike, American Eagle and Amazon. As Spotlight has reported, Snap has set AR as one of three key priorities in the following year, according to their latest earnings call.

Whether the virtual Bitmoji Adidas jacket will sell out as quickly as predicted is yet to be seen.

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