Disney & Snapchat Can Turn You Into an Avatar Using AR

Disney & Snapchat Can Turn You Into an Avatar Using AR

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: November 24, 2022

Only a few days after Disney released the final trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the company announced its partnership with the famous social media app Snapchat.

Building on the anticipated Avatar sequel set to premiere on December 16, Snapchat and Disney have partnered up to create a Snapchat AR lens that will transform users into Na'vi.

Let’s get one thing clear — this isn’t a filter! Every Snapchat user’s experience will be completely unique. The AR lens utilizes machine learning to alter users’ head shape and facial features in real time! The lens is available directly via the app or can be found here.

During its Q3 earnings call, Snap said that Snapchat sees, on average, over 6 billion AR lens plays per day. Additionally, according to the platform, brands that leverage branded AR experiences are 41% more likely to be considered by potential consumers. As such, Snap has made investing in augmented reality one of its priorities in the fourth quarter.

“Entertainment is a leading category leveraging AR technology on Snapchat – theatrical campaigns that utilized an AR lens in 2021, in addition to their video buys, saw an average of 32% incremental reach. These AR experiences invite Snapchatters to learn about film characters, explore new worlds, and experience directorial style and storytelling in a more personal, immersive way than ever before,” said Snapchat in its announcement of the partnership with Disney.

Considering the fluctuations that The Walt Disney Company has gone through in recent months, it is no surprise that they are teaming up with Snapchat ahead of the first Avatar film release since 2009. Avatar remains the highest-grossing film of all time and Disney is expected to generate at least $30 million in ticket sales for the sequel.

This mix of AR and entertainment could prove to be a winning strategy for both Disney and Snapchat.

When researching the potential of AR, Snapchat also stated that AR delivers almost two times the level of visual attention compared to non-AR equivalents, which, in turn, leads to more powerful responses from customers.

Time will tell!

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