Snap Furthers AR Experience and eCommerce Potential With Ray Tracing Tech

Snap Furthers AR Experience and eCommerce Potential With Ray Tracing Tech

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 20, 2023

Snap has launched ray tracing technology, taking its offering of AR experiences to the next level.  

Ray tracing enhances the realism of augmented reality experiences through the simulation of reflected light on digital objects. By re-creating light effects which change as you shift virtual objects, it can create a much more realistic experience for the benefit of users and clients alike. 

The addition of ray tracing technology to Snap’s Lens Studio is boosting the app’s possibilities with AR experiences, especially when it comes to the potential of Snap’s eCommerce functionality. It is more than just a feature update; it reflects the type of innovation the best augmented reality companies can develop. 

In previous months, Snapchat has become increasingly more focused on the possibility of shopping through the app. Collaborations with big brands such as Adidas offered shoppable clothing items for styling your Bitmoji. Snapchat has previously teamed up with Nike, American Eagle, and even Amazon for similar activations. 

The addition of Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses has also proven successful. Walmart’s application of the Catalog-Powered Shopping Lens allowed users to virtually try featured items. Snapchat shared that the eCommerce activation led to more than 161 million virtual trials of Walmart products.  

Ray tracing has the potential to further these experiences, allowing brands to virtually showcase products in a more realistic light. 

Tiffany & Co has already invested in ray tracing, leveraging the feature with its new Tiffany Lock Lens. The lens allows users to try on Tiffany Lock bracelets using AR and purchase products without even leaving the app.   

Considering most social media platforms such as TikTok are currently exploring in-app shopping features, Snap’s addition of ray tracing technology may prove to be a step in the right direction. 

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