Skims' Futuristic Debut Spot Stars Kim Kardashian

Skims' Futuristic Debut Spot Stars Kim Kardashian
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 11, 2024

American clothing brand Skims just unveiled its first-ever TV commercial starring none other than its co-founder, TV personality and actress Kim Kardashian.

Made together with creative agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the shapewear company's debut ad is set in a futuristic space craft, with Kardashian herself working as "Kim #0042," the ship's chief engineer. 

The brand announced on Instagram about the ad premiere at the 2024 Oscars a couple of days before the event.

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As she enters the room, Kim #0042 switches on a wall of monitors to track the progress of her new project.

Viewers are then introduced to "Klones," or different versions of Kardashian assuming roles such as a scientist or a test subject undergoing rigorous testing and innovation.

Set to the sounds of Gary Wright's hit song "Dream Weaver," viewers are treated to a cinematic montage of Klones participating in experiments such as the Fabric Test, the Weightless Test and the Snap Test, as they wear the new Skims pieces.

Once the test results were complete, Kim #0042 heads out to meet with the other Klones, as they set course for Earth and introduce their new line of shapewear to the public.

The spot ends with a shot of the space ship in outer space, with the Skims logo design front and center. 

Behind Skims' First TV Ad

While the short film boasts cinematic visuals and odes to classic sci-fi films, Kardashian's commitment to the role is another highlight of the spot. 

The "Keeping Up" star invested three full days on set, immersing herself in the portrayal of each scene. Her fans were notably impressed.

Through the work of costume designer Heidi Bivens, renowned for her work on TV series like "Euphoria," the one-minute spot was able to achieve its own unique and futuristic look.

Directed by renowned director Frank LeBon, "SKIMS Lab" made a splash during the 96th Academy Awards, with multiple airings on prime slots. 

"This film is the exaggerated launch story of Skims and we're introducing the brand on a bigger stage to people who don't know it," Wieden+Kennedy Portland co-CCO Azsa shared.

"The only way to accurately portray Skims as a brand is with an equally unbelievable, hilariously extravagant story of the company's founding — a secret lab in outer space staffed entirely by Kim and her Klones."

Skims, founded in 2018 and currently valued at $4 billion, continues to expand its offerings beyond shapewear, venturing into loungewear, swimwear, and recently, men's clothing.

As part of its growth strategy, the brand plans to establish flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York later this year, further solidifying its presence in the retail industry. 

Last year, the shapewear brand brought back iconic 90s bombshells for its summer campaign.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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