Samsung's New 90s Inspired Spot Is a Major Throwback

Samsung's New 90s Inspired Spot Is a Major Throwback
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 22, 2024

Samsung has just unveiled its latest campaign which pays homage to classic '90s sitcoms while showcasing its cutting-edge AI upscaling technology.

Titled "Best in the House," the campaign features former SNL members Molly Shannon and Tim Meadows as Nikki and Rafael, two siblings engaging in a humorous contest within a '90s-style sitcom home setting.

Made by creative agency Quality Meats, the spoof is complete with iconic '90s outfits and quirky characters, reminiscent of beloved shows of that generation, such as "The Nanny" and "Full House."

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The spot comes in two versions, the first being the one-minute theme song introduction to the made-up show, and the other a full four-minute episode that exemplifies Samsung's AI upscaling.

As part of the campaign rollout, the tech giant will also be sharing additional clips featuring Shannon and Meadows on its social channels.

"Getting to relive the '90s by creating a faux sitcom with my favorite hairstyle from the '90s and to work with one of my favorite persons in the world, Molly Shannon, was a dream come true," Meadows shared, expressing enthusiasm over the partnership. 

"A lot of people think their best work is ahead of them — well, I think my best work is in the past, and I get a wave of nostalgia about working on SNL back then."

A Future-Forward Throwback

The shift in Samsung's ad strategy signifies a departure from its traditional tech-focused campaigns. Meanwhile, its decision to tap into '90s nostalgia also reflects a broader trend in consumer preferences.

"When we started digging into upscaling and talking to consumers for research, we found that people wanted to upscale content from their favorite shows that are throwbacks," Samsung Electronics America CMO Sarah Larsen noted.

Samsung's AI upscaling technology was showcased at yesterday's Samsung Unbox & Discover event. 

The technology seamlessly transforms grainy '90s footage into clear and compelling imagery, offering viewers an enhanced viewing experience, as evidenced by "Best in the House."

"We have AI upscaling for 4K and 8K television, where it brings any picture into the most amazing upscaled picture quality you could experience," Larsen added.

The CMO also emphasized the unique turn the company took to advertise the new technology with its throwback-inspired campaign.

"We don’t want to be dry and jargon-focused, only talking about tech and specs, because that's what a lot of people do," she told Ad Age.

Last month, Samsung launched a spot spotlighting Galaxy 24's AI features.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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