Samsung Shows How You Can Edit Out Your Ex in New Spot

Samsung Shows How You Can Edit Out Your Ex in New Spot
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 19, 2024

Smartphone giant Samsung just released a new commercial that shows viewers they don't have to delete pictures with their ex in order to move on.

In the 45-second ad, "Break Up Edit," a woman mourns the end of her previous relationship in her bedroom, complete with smudged eyeliner and popping heart balloons, as she revisits their photos and thinks of deleting them.

However, she remembers that she doesn't have to do that — she can simply edit him out of their pictures using Samsung Galaxy S24's Generative AI Edit feature.

She then removes him from all their photos together in order to create beautiful self portraits, with AI filling in the gaps.

Samsung's Generative AI Edit feature (Source: Samsung)

The spot ends with a suggestion to its heartbroken viewers: "Don't delete memories. Just AI Edit them."

Made by creative agency Cheil, the latest commercial was a response to data suggesting that couples tend to reassess their relationships before Valentine's, with 60% of couples breaking up during the weeks that lead up to the holiday.

"By shifting the spotlight, we wanted to highlight the benefit of Galaxy’s Generative AI Edit feature, through a relevant story of a breakup saying that if love doesn’t work out, we’re here to help you work it out," James Tan, Cheil Dubai's creative director, explained in a statement.

Powered by advanced AI technology, the Edit tool accurately detects and erases subjects from an image, may it be a dog, a friend, or an ex-partner.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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