Rounding Up the Best of Brands' April Fool's Day 2024 Pranks

Rounding Up the Best of Brands' April Fool's Day 2024 Pranks

Published: April 02, 2024

Remember that time they "washed" the lions at the Tower of London?

Or how about the year Big Ben went digital (spoiler alert: it didn't)? These legendary hoaxes are just a taste of the pure comedic chaos that April Fool's Day unleashes.

Every year, new tricks, technological tomfoolery, and side-splitting antics erupt, proving that the spirit of April Fool's Day is more alive and kicking than ever.

April Fools' Day 2024 is no different, filled with laughter, surprises, and a touch of the unexpected, as brands unleashed a series of pranks that ranged from the hilarious to the downright bizarre.

Let's look at some of the most memorable and entertaining pranks that left us all chuckling.

1. The Rosetta Stoned by Fluent and Rosetta Stone

Ever struggled to understand the secret language of seasoned stoners?

Well, translation app Rosetta Stone and cannabis dispensary Fluent collaborated on "Rosetta Stoned," a mobile app designed to bridge “the conversational gap between novice users and experienced stoners in any social setting.”

The Rosetta Stoned app and billboards launched on April Fool's Day.
The Rosetta Stoned App and Its Billboards | Source: Fluent

It’s certainly a quirky take on translation apps, not to mention a playful wordplay between the two company names.

Sadly (or not), it’s just a prank.

2. Honda's Pet Activated Wireless System (PAW-S)

Honda U.K. launched PAW-S, “a state-of-the-art” and “dog-first technology” that allows our furry friends to access the car boot.

Among the canine amenities include a navigation system that alerts when near parks and woodland areas, a contact list for pet playdates, and a “walkie-talkie feature for easy communication with the front seat driver.”

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A post shared by Honda UK (@hondaukcars)

Although it’s a clear prank and certainly ahead of our time, PAW-S got dog lovers wishing the launch was true.

3. Dole’s Banana Peel Sleeping Bag

To celebrate its 125th anniversary in the banana business, Dole released an uber-comfy Banana Peel Sleeping Bag.

Targeted for parents needing some quiet time, the sleeping bag with “peelable sides” is made of real banana peels (or not).

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A post shared by Dole 🍌 (@dolepics)

The product looked so appealing that people were dismayed that it was an April Fool’s Day prank.

“I was on the website and google looking for it ready to purchase till I realized it was an April fool’s joke. I guess the joke here is they don’t want to make a quick and easy couple million,” one user commented.

5. Tinder's VP of Ghosting

Dating app Tinder posted an opening on its Newsroom for a newly created executive position, Vice President of Ghosting, to “revive dead threads.”

“The practice of sleazily cutting all forms of communication and suddenly disappearing from a potential flame’s life without reason has exceeded (para)normal levels,” Tinder explained the reason for the new senior leadership role.

Tinder posted a job opening for the VP of Ghosting.
Tinder's Job Opening for the VP of Ghosting | Source: Tinder

The VP of Ghosting or Ghost Hunting will spearhead a task force that will hunt down “ghosters, breadcrumbers, zombies, submariners, and slow-faders.”

“We’re looking for a candidate who won’t stop until they find out why your date didn’t text back. Was work really that crazy, Kyle? Was it? Was it really THAT crazy?” Claire Voyante, head of read receipts (another new and made-up position) at Tinder, shared.

Although incredibly witty and funny, it's THAT crazy!

6. Tipsy Elves’ Mopsie Jumpsuit

The online clothing retailer released a YouTube video parodying a shopping TV ad showcasing the features of its latest product, “The Mopsie — The Worlds First Microfiber Jumpsuit.”

Using “premium-quality microfiber towel material,” The Mopsie allows you to just mop up messes with your arms or any part of your body covered by the remarkable jumpsuit.

The Mopsie even comes with a Baby Mopsie version, allowing babies to help parents clean up messes, and even dirty cars.

When you reach this part in the video, it’s obvious that it’s a prank, but a pretty creative and funny one.

6. PRIME Hydration’s KFC-style Flavor

PRIME Hydration, a beverage brand founded by WWE wrestler and actor Logan Paul, actually collaborated with KFC to create a chicken-flavored drink and sent it to influencers on April Fool’s Day.

The fried chicken flavor was packaged in twos in a KFC-style bucket with the logo of Colonel Sanders being replaced with Paul’s face and the message “DRINK YOUR CHICKEN” on the side.

It caused a major buzz on social media as influencers like Casey Neistat posted their unboxing and reaction videos.

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A post shared by Casey Neistat (@caseyneistat)

The media mileage it has is worth spending to produce the drink, plus the packaging is A-grade!

7. AI Buddies by Budsies

As AI continues to be developed, people are always highly anticipating the various generative AI products and upgrades launched nearly every month.

Custom stuffed-animal maker Budsies capitalized on this fact on April 1 by introducing AI Buddies that can talk on their own, learn everything about you, and even become sentient!

Budsies even created an order page for the custom AI dolls on its website. Although it is scarily innovative, it is but another prank on April Fool’s Day.

“April Fools!! You can still create awesome Selfie dolls or Selfies Puppet, just minus the sentience,” the plushie company wrote.

8. Scotch Brand’s Scotch Whisky

Scotch Brand launched its very own Scotch Whisky, available starting April 1 (or not), “a spirit worthy of our heritage and your tastebuds.”

“Aged in oak barrels for 14 years, Scotch Whisky by Scotch Brand is a magical experience whether you take it neat, over ice, or in any of your favorite classic cocktails,” the tape brand enticingly wrote on its post.

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A post shared by Scotch (@scotch)

Although a lot tamer than other pranks on April Fool’s Day, it deserves a spot on the list due to its perfect blending of humor and sophistication.

It truly made people excited, with users even commenting that they hoped it was not a prank because they wanted to buy one.

9. BabyQuip’s Translator

Wouldn’t it make for a lot less sleepless nights and stress if only parents could understand what babies are saying?

Well, BabyQuip's new translator lets people “discover the cues behind each cry and movement” for hassle-free parenting and babysitting.

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A post shared by BabyQuip | Baby Gear Rentals (@babyquip)

Oh, how wonderful it would be if this was true.

This prank makes you wish something like a baby translator could be invented.

10. Elon Musk as Disney’s New Chief DEI Officer

Elon Musk caused a social media frenzy with a tweet announcing his new role as Chief DEI Officer of Disney, promising to work with its CEO Bob Iger and Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy to make content “more woke."

The X owner and Tesla CEO even followed up with a post of a cartoon strip depicting Disney execs brainstorming for new movie ideas.

Musk’s post has since accumulated 61.3 million views and over 16,000 comments — not bad for a loaded prank.

From stoner lingo translation apps to pet-activated wireless systems, this year's lineup of hoaxes was a delightful blend of the bizarre, the hilarious, and the downright ingenious.

Until 2025, let's hope that these brands keep their prankster spirits bottled up tight — like mischievous genies itching to be unleashed on the world yet again.

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