Passengers Experience Wonder in British Airways Billboards

Passengers Experience Wonder in British Airways Billboards

Published: March 29, 2024

British Airways has just launched a series of captivating Out-of-Home (OOH) ads that showcase how passengers view the world from the skies.

The innovative OOH advertising, titled “Windows,” goes beyond the conventional portrayal of airline ads by focusing on the wondrous moments passengers experience while gazing out of the window during their flight.

These two versions within the 'Windows' series are strategically installed on opposite sides of a highway.
British Airways 'Windows' OOH ads are installed on opposite sides of a highway | Source: Uncommon

“Windows” is created in collaboration with Uncommon Creative Studio and Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer Christopher Anderson.

“We’re proud to share our latest outdoor with our partners – capturing the magic of that window view in a new place, the many different faces that board a BA plane,’” Uncommon Co-founder Nils Leonard said.

The OOH series includes 11 versions distributed across 324 strategic locations in the U.K., which include Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, and Piccadilly Circus in Central London.

Capturing the Essence of Flying British Airways

Each of the “Windows” OOH ads showcases the exterior view of a British Airways plane, with different passengers looking out the window.

Through a combination of static and animated executions, the OOH campaign captures the wonder and awe on passengers' faces as they observe the world below from 35,000 feet.

One version shows a man peeking from his eye mask with a small smile on his face, showing that no matter how sleepy and tired passengers feel, they still want to look out the window at the amazing view.

Another animated version of the ad offers a heartwarming look as a baby girl happily looks out the window during her first flight.

On March 15, British Airways aired its latest commercial, titled “Everywhere We Go,” which featured employees of the airline.

“We’re incredibly proud to feature many of our colleagues in our TV advert and our new OOH campaign to keep showcasing what makes British Airways so special, which is our people,” British Airways Chief Customer Officer Calum Laming shared in a statement.

Both the “Everywhere We Go” ad and the “Windows” OOH campaign are part of the "A British Original" brand positioning the airline launched in October 2022.

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