David Beckham's Hand Is Star of Stella Artois Billboard Ads

David Beckham's Hand Is Star of Stella Artois Billboard Ads

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 20, 2024

As part of David Beckham's new role as the new Stella Artois ambassador, the football star is lending his hand to the brand's latest out-of-home (OOH) campaign. 

Made together with creative agency Gut Miami, the two billboards placed on top of one another showcase Beckham's tattooed hand carrying a glass of Stella in one and a case of Stella in the other.

However, both deliberately leave his face out, so as not to allow his star power to take the attention away from the premium pilsner beer. 

Stella Artois' Billboard with David Beckham
Stella Artois' Billboard with David Beckham's hand | Source: Gut

With humorous tongue-in-cheek copy, the billboards poke fun at the fame of the acclaimed athlete-endorser, writing, "Introducing the new face of Stella Artois. Unfortunately, his face was a bit distracting."

"We introduced the newest face of @stellaartois by showing only his hands. Because that face belongs to @davidbeckham. And nothing should take away from the mouthwatering sight of a perfectly served chalice," Gut Miami captioned in an Instagram post. 

"Meet the world’s most famous hand model. Brought to you by a taste worth more," it added.

Beckham as New Face of Stella Artois

Stella Artois' OOH ad comes as part of the company's new "A Taste Worth More" campaign, launched alongside Beckham as its new brand ambassador. 

The campaign kickstarted with a short one-minute spot starring the football legend, maintaining the brand's premium positioning and leveraging Beckham's celebrity status. 

"This is a big moment for the Stella Artois brand that we believe can kick off a powerful wave of growth around the world,” Richard Oppy, vice president of global brands at AB InBev, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Heineken just launched a new campaign with F1.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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