Nike Launches 'Well Collective' in Shift to Holistic Fitness Strategy

Nike Launches 'Well Collective' in Shift to Holistic Fitness Strategy

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 19, 2023

Nike is exploring the potential of holistic fitness with the introduction of “Well Collective.”  

Specifically geared towards women, Nike is taking a deep dive into the wellness space with a shift in its content marketing strategy

Inspired by insights from women, the Nike Well Collective represents the brand’s “commitment to deliver innovation, expertise, services, and experiences across body, mind, and life.” To welcome the new program, Nike has launched the Well Collective website and will be transforming its existing @niketraining Instagram account to @nikewellcollective 

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Nike is pushing past its limits by broadening its approach to fitness with five newly introduced pillars of holistic fitness: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest, and connection. 

“Nike Well Collective is designed to support wellness journeys for everyone, however they define them. It celebrates all bodies and all forms of movement. Because we know holistic fitness is more than just sport, it’s focusing on body, mind, and life,” stated Amy Montagne, the VP and global manager of Global Nike Women’s in an official blog post

As part of the strategy shift towards the wellness industry, Nike is onboarding more than 1,000 new fitness trainers from across the globe for the Well Collective to create specialized holistic fitness content across the Nike brand portfolio. 


The sportswear brand will also rebrand its Nike Live stores, one of the biggest shifts in this move toward holistic fitness. 

From June 13, Nike’s Live stores will transform into Nike Well Collective stores, which will offer a series of curated products targeted towards women’s sports and wellness journeys.  

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“We’re a sport company, but I also see us as a movement and wellness company — this means embracing and celebrating all forms of movement and all health journeys and being your authentic self,” said Nike’s VP of Global Woman’s Brand Management, Liz Weldon. 

“Nike Well Collective is the action behind those aims, giving the guidance and support needed for anyone to reach their personal wellness goals," she added. 

The content refresh, both online and offline, represents a big step in connecting Nike's digital channels with its physical spaces authentically and innovatively.  

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