Monster Energy Launches New Flavor Using AR

Monster Energy Launches New Flavor Using AR

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 14, 2024

Monster Energy Drink recently unveiled its newest zero-sugar flavor that serves as the latest addition to its Ultra lineup.

Crafted by artist and designer Pinky Taylor, the all-new Fantasy Ruby Red boasts a vibrant blend of ruby red citrus and Monster's signature energy, offering consumers a unique and tasty drink.

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To officially introduce the product, the beverage company held a launch event in Venice, Los Angeles, and offered attendees a unique augmented reality (AR) experience, immersing them in a world where the can's artwork came to life.

At the heart of the event was an impressive 10-foot-tall Monster Ultra can installation on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Experiencing Art With AR

Through Monster Energy's use of AR, participants were able to explore characters from the can's artwork, experiencing a multisensory journey that puts together taste with technology.

Using smartphones and tablets, passers-by engaged with a mix of digital and physical 2D and 3D artistry, courtesy of AR company AR/T HOUSE.

"Seeing my artwork in animation through AR was a first — a cool experience to mark the launch of this flavor," Taylor said in a press release

Meanwhile, Monster Energy CMO Dan McHugh emphasized the brand's commitment to innovation. 

"We wanted to create one of our most impactful and immersive launch experiences to date, bursting our new Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red flavor into life," he shared. 

"Pushing the boundaries of innovation is part of the Monster Ultra DNA. Stepping into the world of our can art brought the energy of our new flavor-forward beverage to life, which will live on as we roll out the newest flavor nationwide for everyone to enjoy."

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