Tropicana ‘Basically Invented Fresh OJ’ in New Campaign

Tropicana ‘Basically Invented Fresh OJ’ in New Campaign
Published: March 14, 2024

Tropicana, a household name synonymous with orange juice for over 70 years, has launched a new ad campaign titled "The Juice That Starts It All."

Developed in collaboration with creative agency Cramer-Krasselt and production company JOJX, Tropicana’s latest campaign adopts a lighthearted and relatable tone, using humor to explore the central role orange juice plays in various aspects of everyday life.

On ‘Basically Inventing Fresh Orange Juice'

The extended 45-second spot opens with visuals that convey the freshness of the juice brand’s orange juice, together with the statement:

“Tropicana may not have invented orange juice, but in 1954, we found a way to bring fresh-tasting OJ to everyone.”

“And to this day, we use oranges handpicked at their peak, squeeze them within 24 hours, and never add any sugar, bringing delicious OJ to fridges everywhere.”

What follows is a hilarious argument that illustrates how Tropicana “basically invented the fresh taste of OJ for all,” among other things.

“So, while we can’t say we invented orange juice, we could say, ‘Brunch wouldn’t be brunch without OJ.’ So, we invented brunch.”

Among the things that Tropicana “basically invented” are Saturday morning, fridge-chugging, breakfast to-go, morning people, BFFs, mimosas, and even grandmas.

The spot ends with the very simple reason why the company is claiming these inventions:

“Because we’re Tropicana Pure Premium, the juice that starts it all.”

Consumers can expect to see these visuals and messaging come to life across TV broadcasts, streaming services, social media platforms, and live events.

James Spalding, VP and general manager of Tropicana at Tropicana Brands Group, explains the rationale behind the campaign:

“With ‘The Juice That Starts It All,’ we’re going one step further to demonstrate how Tropicana continues its commitment to delivering fresh-tasting orange juice, not only putting quality OJ in the hands of consumers but also jump-starting the many other joyous moments that are made possible through Tropicana Pure Premium.”

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