McDonald's New Ad Solves Stuck and Hungry Dilemmas

McDonald's New Ad Solves Stuck and Hungry Dilemmas
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 19, 2024

McDonald’s France has unveiled an eccentric new commercial showcasing individuals in various situations that prevent them to satisfy their cravings.

"Home Delivery" portrays scenarios where people are literally stuck to the walls and ceilings, binded by their personal committments and dilemmas.

"I want a McDonald's, but I'm stuck here," a mother sings to the tune of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day," as she cradles her baby to sleep while sticking to a wall.

A teen feels ashamed to step outside because of a huge pimple. "It's such a shame if I go out like this," he sings.

A teen looks at his pimple in the mirror (Source: TBWA PARIS)

People from all walks of life share their own reasons in what seems to be a humorous music video.

A musician five hours into her rehearsals, a lifeguard on duty who forgets his lunch, a woman who doesn't know what to wear out, and a blue-collar employee staying late in the office to work on a presentation.

Though their circumstances differ, all of them have one thing in common — they all crave for McDonald's, but can't go out. Luckily, they can enjoy McDonald's where they are.

"When you can't go to McDonald's, McDonald's comes to you," the spot concludes, as the man stuck on the ceiling orders straight from his McDonald's app. 

Made together with TBWA\Paris, the fun yet absurd spot was directed by Bjorn Ruhmann, who is known for his whimsical approach to short films and commercials. 

Scheduled for a television broadcast, the commercial marks the start of a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign slated for release by month's end.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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