McDonald’s France Irresistibly Remakes ‘The Chase’ Ad

McDonald’s France Irresistibly Remakes ‘The Chase’ Ad

Published: February 06, 2024

McDonald's France just launched a new campaign aimed at amplifying the "irresistibility" of its iconic burgers.

Titled "The Chase," the ad is a remake of McDonald's popular 2013 commercial of the same name, aiming to reignite excitement for their classic burgers.

Featured in the one-minuter are: the Big Mac, Double Cheese and Royal Deluxe, which are “Hotter. Juicier. Tastier. Our best burgers ever.” The entire campaign is aptly titled, “More Irresistible Than Ever.”

The new commercial, helmed by director Tom Kuntz, retains the original concept of a thrilling chase. However, it features updated visuals and scenarios inspired by classic action and adventure films with a twist.

Bank robbers going after a policeman; hairdressers in hot pursuit of a teen walking down the street; a nurse chasing a patient in a wheelchair; two mascots running after each other; and two elderly golfer couples in a thrilling golf cart chase.

All of the chasees have something in common: an “irresistible” McDonald’s burger in hand. The scenes are depicted in slow-motion with orchestra music in the background, highlighting their overly dramatic and comical nature.

This marks a departure from McDonald's France's emotionally-driven commercials, prioritizing pure entertainment through captivating visuals and humor.

The original commercial launched 10 years ago shows a chase scene in the woods between two girls and a masked man in overalls wielding a chainsaw. It’s a typical horror trope.

Only it’s revealed that the supposed chainsaw killer is also holding a McDonald’s paper bag, and the two girls are actually the ones going after him because of “a cheese craving that’s stronger than anything.”

Both campaigns were done in collaboration with TBWA\Paris, which is part of the Disruption Company, a global creative agency with a presence in over 40 countries.

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