Magnum Wants You to 'Find Your Summer' in New Spot

Magnum Wants You to 'Find Your Summer' in New Spot
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 19, 2024

Premium ice cream brand Magnum recently unveiled a cinematic spot that encapsulates the longing for summer amidst the winter chill.

The latest 90-second ad titled "Find Your Summer" kicks off with scenic views of the cityscape painted in black and white, complemented by the soulful melody of The Dramatics' "In the Rain."

Against this backdrop, citizens of the urban landscape yearn for the sun's warm embrace, resorting to hot showers to simulate the balmy days of summer.

As the clock strikes 3:14 in the afternoon, a beam of sunlight breaks through the clouds, prompting city dwellers to pause and take notice.

Angel Number 314 in numerology generally denotes the realization of dreams and desires (Source: Magnum).

For many, it's a cue to enjoy a Magnum chocolate bar, briefly transporting themselves to the warmth and joy of summer amidst the cold winter.

Directed by Juan Cabral, "Find Your Summer" is the second Magnum ad this year to come out of creative agency LOLA Mullenlowe Mardid.

According to a post, the agency hopes the spot encourages everyone to "seek out those small, narrow, and fleeting moments of sunshine amid the harsh winter and relish them while enjoying a Magnum."

Find Your Summer continues the streak of cinematic commercials produced by the brand-agency tandem. 

Last January, the two partnered to release "Stick to the Original," a spot that wittily tells the story of a woman discovering the weave of lies her husband has hidden from her — an intuition sparked by his purchase of a "fake Magnum."

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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