Magnum Wants You To Stick To the Original In New Ad

Magnum Wants You To Stick To the Original In New Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 11, 2024

Selecta's Magnum wants viewers to know nothing compares to the original ice cream in its latest spot. 

In the one-minute ad "Fraud," a man comes home to his wife with a bag full of groceries. As the wife inspects his purchases, she finds ice cream covered in milk chocolate that closely resembles a Magnum. 

"He bought fake Magnum? What else has been fake in this relationship" the woman thinks to herself as her husband sits relaxingly.

As she grows fishy of her husband, she begins to go around the house to inspect his other belongings — only to find out that his "1st Gold Winner" award was store-bought, his fishing and climbing pictures were manipulated, and that his home weights were lighter than they seemed. 

In a suspenseful climax to the ad, the woman confronts her husband and rips off his mustache from his face, revealing him to be the fraud that he is. 

The woman then storms off, visits a convenience store, and buys herself an original Magnum Classic bar. 

"Like a Magnum is not a Magnum. Stick to the original," the narrator concludes. 

Created by agency LOLA Mullenlowe, the spot comes as part of a wider brand campaign called "#SticktotheOriginal" as a way to address "copycats" of the famous ice cream stick first introduced in 1989. 

"To address this, we crafted a story with a witty sense of humor featuring a woman who discovers that her partner has been buying fake Magnums all along, realizing this fraud was just the beginning," the agency wrote in a release

The campaign will include OOH, prints, POS and digital amplification to push forward the idea that "nothing beats a Magnum," encouraging people to "stick to the original."

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