JBL Debuts Brand Movie Filmed Within Roblox

JBL Debuts Brand Movie Filmed Within Roblox
Published: March 20, 2024

Popular audio brand JBL just released the first part of "The JBL Land Movie," a groundbreaking animated experience set within its branded world on the gaming platform Roblox.

The short film, directed by popular Roblox creator Robuilds and created in collaboration with social media agency GoSpooky, marks a significant milestone as the first-ever brand-produced film on Roblox.

“While young filmmakers are amassing millions of followers with self-made movies on Roblox, marketers have yet to follow suit. JBL is proud to produce the first brand movie in Roblox,” JBL CMO Daniel Lee said in a press release.

“We are delighted to work with Robuilds as the film Director; She is a prominent voice on Roblox, and she breathes our brand ethos of self-expression as she creates her unique journey of finding her own sound identity.”

Released on Tuesday, the nearly seven-minute first installment of the movie introduces viewers to a captivating narrative centered around self-expression and creativity through sound.

"The JBL Land Movie" follows the protagonist, Robuilds, as she embarks on a quest to discover her unique sound identity in the colorful world of JBL Land, so she can play her own music at Juke Jam.

“Juke Jam is only for those who know their sounds, those who can express themselves. Everyone knows that,” a character explains.

In her “impossible quest for musical greatness” with a stranger’s help, which comes in the form of collecting “soundbytes,” Robuilds encounters diverse characters.

After a couple of trials and errors in mixing the “soundbytes,” she collected, Part 1 ends with Robuilds going off with a said stranger to collect more sounds.

Part 2 is set for release on March 27 and Part 3 on April 2.

Unveiling a New Era of Brand Engagement on Roblox

The launch of JBL Land last month marked a significant milestone for JBL, introducing a new immersive world within the popular platform.

JBL Land, designed with a strong emphasis on sound, offers players the opportunity to explore, create, and celebrate their unique "Soundbytes."

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The short snippets of sound, ranging from reggaeton beats to iconic sounds, can be mixed by players to craft their own tracks, contributing to the community-driven soundtrack of JBL Land.

The virtual space also features a JBL Shop where players can use virtual currencies to purchase exclusive in-world merchandise like headphones and portable speakers.

"The JBL Land Movie" builds on this innovative digital campaign that aims not only to target the digital-first generation’s need for exciting online interaction but also to showcase the power of storytelling and creativity within Roblox.

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Just four months ago, Robuilds released a 25-minute short film titled “The Silent Screams of Bloxburg” she created on Roblox. The video has since accumulated a million views.

“It's been inspiring to collaborate with JBL, and I can't wait for audiences to experience the unique fusion of audio and digital storytelling we've crafted," Robuilds shared.

JBL's foray into the world of Roblox with "The JBL Land Movie" signifies a bold step towards redefining brand marketing and engagement on the gaming platform.

“We’re extending what’s possible on Roblox. The JBL Land Movie is both a technological and communications achievement,” GoSpooky co-founder Tim van der Wiel said.

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