Is Elon Musk’s Latest Video Post a Meme or an X Ad?

Is Elon Musk’s Latest Video Post a Meme or an X Ad?

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 10, 2024

X users are no strangers to Elon Musk's strange antics. 

On Tuesday, the billionaire posted a bizarre 10-second video in X with no caption, supposedly promoting the platform.

In the video, a panther is seen running through the jungle and slashing through the camera, before the X logo is finally revealed amid a backdrop of flames. 

The strange video has left the X community confused, with many criticizing the video's low-quality graphics and animation. 

"Looks like an early 2000 bowling alley strike animation," one user replied

Another user suggested that Musk fires the person behind the "2012 movie maker effects," while others believed the post would be the announcement of a new video game. 

The video was originally posted by the account Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, which touts itself as the "most notorious Tesla club in the world," and runs the Tesla Beat Podcast

Is Musk Just Memeing? 

While X users are left confused over Musk's post, his often vague gestures are nothing new to the platform. 
Early last year, Musk decided for X to respond to all press inquiries with a "poop" emoji
Musk had also once changed the old Twitter logo into the DogeCoin emblem, and even challenged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to a cage match following the launch of Threads.
However, despite Musk's confusing mix of humor and seriousness, it is highly unlikely his X video using a free After Effects template would count as an official ad.
Washington Post's Gene Park shared the source of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley's animation, where it was revealed that the template used was created by YouTuber EnzeeFX.
The user's channel houses thousands of templates for content creators to use for free.
EnzeeFX's only condition is that creators that use their effects credit them — which Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and Musk have not done. 
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