Twitter Now Responds to All Press Emails with a Poop Emoji

Twitter Now Responds to All Press Emails with a Poop Emoji

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: March 20, 2023

Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet that the company’s official press email will automatically respond to inquiries with a poop emoji. 

 When asking for comments regarding the bizarre announcement, several media outlets and curious Twitter users have reported to receive nothing but the scat emote.  

Musk’s tweet has received over 80K likes and 6K retweets as of writing, with many criticizing the CEO’s decision. “The Twitter PR team was incredible. This is an insult to everyone who worked there,” one Twitter user wrote. 

Last November, the social media app’s entire communications team along with more than 50% of the company’s workers had been laid off upon Musk’s reign. Tesla, his automobile company, is also reported to have no official press team.  

Since his takeover, the billionaire CEO has widely been known for making drastic changes to the app and using memes in voicing out his opinions, making announcements, and responding to criticism. 

Early March, Musk had several exchanges with a Twitter worker who claimed to be locked out of his computer system and believed he had been fired without prior notice. Halli Thorleifsson took to the app to get a response out of the CEO after getting no response from HR. 

In the exchange, Musk questioned Halli Thorleifsson and his work for the company, suggesting he was using his disability as an excuse.  

“The reality is that this guy (who is independently wealthy) did no actual work, claimed as his excuse that he had a disability that prevented him from typing, yet was simultaneously tweeting up a storm,” the CEO tweeted. 

After privately discussing the matter, Musk apologized to Thorleifsson for misunderstanding the situation.  


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