Ikea's Pet-Friendly Ad Campaign Offers Affordable Solutions

Ikea's Pet-Friendly Ad Campaign Offers Affordable Solutions
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 27, 2024

Ikea just launched a unique series of ads that sheds light on the common woes of pet owners with furry mischief-makers. 

The campaign, made by creative agency Ingo Hamburg, features common situations where pets destroy Ikea products.

The furniture retail giant uses these scenarios to highlight the affordability of its products, assuring pet owners that they can afford to replace whatever was broken. 

In a 15-second spot, a dog named Simba tears open a Kärleksgräs cushion from Ikea. But with its 15 Dhs pricetag, it can easily be replaced. 

The other two ads follow the same premise. Roxy the Dalmatian breaks a Stilren vase that similarly carries an easy-on-the-pocket price tag, while Brownie the cat inspects a Chiafrön plant pot that he broke. 

Each commercial ends with the reassuring tagline: "Don't worry, you can afford it." 

"Nowadays, pets are members of our homes," Fernando Montero, one of Ingo's creative directors, told Muse. "We believe that the inspiration for this campaign came from the experiences that some of our creatives had every day with their pets."

Harping on Affordability

Ikea's uncommon approach challenges traditional marketing by showcasing products in less-than-ideal conditions, but ultimately emphasizes how affordable they are.

According to Ingo's creative directors, this decision to deviate from the typical marketing strategies was deliberate.

"Breaking one of the most important marketing rules — which is showing the product at its best — was a challenge that the client decided to take on as they felt that the idea communicated affordability through a quite fresh point of view," Montero and Nicolás López explained to AdWeek.

The campaign draws inspiration from United Arab Emirates' expanding pet care sector, where the ads were launched.

With the industry valued at $300 million in the UAE alone, the Swedish company aims to tap into this market by offering budget-friendly solutions for pet owners.

In addition to the campaign, Ikea is set to introduce its own collection of household products designed specifically for pets. 

"Ikea is a brand that cares and is interested in what is happening in people’s homes," Montero and López concluded.

Ikea also recently launched a campaign that encourages people to 'try it at home.'

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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