Ikea's Bold New Spot Invites You to 'Do Try It At Home'

Ikea's Bold New Spot Invites You to 'Do Try It At Home'

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 15, 2024

Swedish furniture giant Ikea just launched a new spot that highlights the affordability of its products, as well as the fun of doing things at home without breaking anything. 

In the one-minute ad "Do Try This At Home," people from different walks of life try new activities and realize their passions straight from their humble abode — all with the help of Ikea's wide array of home appliances. 

Kids give their stuffed toys a ride across the hallways. An old man discovers a newfound love for video games in his fully-stacked gaming room. A young girl stands on her Malm bed frame to rock it out in front of her friends. A child and his granddaughter dish out karate moves in the living room. 

In between the montages are touted Ikea products and their discounted prices, from the Tertial Lamp retailing at Є9.99 to the Nissafors Trolley priced at Є29.

The spot ends with a slogan that sums up the entire message of the commerical: "Afford to rebel."

Made by Ikea's appointed agency McCann, the spot comes as part of the brand's first global marketing campaign made to appeal to consumers battling with the rising cost of living.

Its concept stems from research indicating that while many consumers view home as their favorite place, financial concerns persist for a significant portion. Ikea's initiative aims to address these concerns by encouraging consumers to find joy and fulfillment within their homes affordably.

Licca Li, the growth and marketing manager at Ingka Group, which represents about 90% of Ikea's total sales, expressed enthusiasm about the campaign. 

"This campaign represents another step, supporting our customers with inspiration on how home can enable their passions, where they can begin to push the boundaries in an affordable way," she shared.

Meanwhile, McCann Worldgroup Spain Chief Strategy Officer Agustín Soriano explained how the campaign reflects people's need for positivity amid ongoing challenges. 

"This rebellious spirit in all of us searches for affordable ways to celebrate life in every possible way, even though consumers around the world are reducing ‘treat’ spend," he noted.

As retailers worldwide navigate economic uncertainties, Ikea's "Do Try This At Home" campaign stands out as a bold and innovative approach to connect with consumers. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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