Looking Back at the 5 Best AI-Generated Ads of 2023

Looking Back at the 5 Best AI-Generated Ads of 2023

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: December 28, 2023

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that 2023 was marked as a significant year in advertising, and generative AI reshaped the industry with some of the most innovative campaigns.

Major brands leveraged this technology not only to cut costs but also to create deeply engaging and personalized ads.

Here are the top five AI-generated ad campaigns of 2023, showcasing the brands' creativity and the enticing future of AI in advertising.

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1. Virgin Voyages Innovates with 'Jen AI'

Leading the pack, Virgin Voyages introduced a unique campaign in July featuring Jennifer Lopez in an AI-driven project named "Jen AI."

This collaboration between Virgin Voyages, VMLY&R, and AI startup Deeplocal allowed consumers to create personalized cruise invitations.

The campaign was a perfect blend of celebrity power and AI innovation, setting a new benchmark in personalized marketing.

2. Heinz Emphasized Brand Identity

Heinz creatively used OpenAI's Dall-E 2 for a series of ketchup-inspired images.

This campaign proved the brand's iconic status in the AI realm, reinforcing Heinz’s identity through generative AI.

It was a clever move, aligning traditional brand imagery with cutting-edge technology.

3. Coca-Cola's Artistic Fusion with Advertising

Coca-Cola's collaboration with OpenAI led to the "Masterpiece" campaign.

Under the guidance of Pratik Thakar, global head of GenAI, Coca-Cola merged AI with human creativity, creating a campaign that was both innovative and visually stunning.

This initiative marked a significant step in the artistic application of AI in advertising.

4. Cadbury (Mondelez) Scaled Personalization

Cadbury and Mondelez utilized OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to produce an ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan, specifically targeting the Indian market.

This campaign demonstrated the power of AI in delivering personalized and culturally relevant content, achieving significant cost savings in the process.

5. Carvana Crafted Individual Customer Stories

Carvana’s approach to personalized advertising involved creating unique videos for customers, recounting the day they purchased their vehicles.

Co-founder Ryan Keeton’s description of these as "living NFTs" highlighted the company's focus on offering tailored customer experiences using advanced AI.

@gocarvana Buckle up for an AI Joyride! We're celebrating our customers with 1.3M+ unique AI-generated videos that take you on their car buying journey! 🎥🌐 #AI♬ original sound - Carvana

The future of AI in advertising is poised to be more interactive and personalized, experts agree.

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