Jennifer Lopez, Virgin Voyages Welcome Aboard Jen AI With Deep Fake Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer Lopez, Virgin Voyages Welcome Aboard Jen AI With Deep Fake Artificial Intelligence

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: July 11, 2023

Legendary pop star J.Lo is embracing the growing deep fake artificial intelligence trend by teaming up with Virgin Voyages, inviting everyone to embark on an extravagant cruise. 

A comical spot sees employees at Virgin Voyages creating different versions of Jen AI, as she sits on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship and lists all the reasons why a cruise is the place to be.  

Unlike most deepfake videos, Jennifer Lopez herself is supporting this campaign, resulting in the creation of Jen AIwhich gives anyone the possibility to create a customized invitation from J.Lo. 

“With Jen AI, she can customize an invite for you and your crew — and when you give her a little insight about what and how you want to celebrate, she’ll generate and send a highly-personalized video inviting your crew on the celebratory voyage of your collective dreams,” states the official description. 

Working closely with Flaunt Digital, Virgin Voyages was able to utilize generative AI and the work of top AI development companies to create the campaign. Using safeguards and human moderators was a crucial part of the process in preventing the use of Jen AI in the creation of controversial or problematic material.  

Jennifer Lopez for Virgin Voyages
(Source: Virgin Voyages)

Brands are increasingly looking at ways to explore the possibilities of AI as a trending topic in the advertising industryand Virgin Voyages’ unexpected approach is a certain way to attract attention and get laughs from viewers.  

“We want to be the ultimate choice for any kind of celebration travel, and let’s be honest, who can say no to Jennifer?” exclaimed Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, in an official statement. 

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