Expert Reveals How AI Can Help Creators Focus on Monetizing Content

Expert Reveals How AI Can Help Creators Focus on Monetizing Content

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 21, 2023

Creating content for fun is quickly shifting to the possibility of monetizing creative content, according to research based on the reasons creators use Lightricks. 

Social media networks are evolving to offer more opportunities for monetizing content, which in turn is pushing more creators to seek revenue for their work.  

“Today, it's seen as a legitimate career path rather than just a hobby, leading to more creators who are actively looking to make money from their content. As the global economy has evolved, more people are finding ways to diversify their income streams,” says Corbet Drummey, the VP of brand collaboration of app developer Lightricks 

The democratization of content creation tools has also significantly helped develop the creator ecosystem, while the trend of integrating artificial intelligence is “making the creative process accessible to even more people.” 

Now, the integration of AI in content creation tools is allowing creators to skip lengthy training processes and go straight to focusing on their speciality: creating unique content. 

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When discussing the future of the developing creator economy, Drummey notes that “platforms will offer AI tools that empower creators to produce professional-grade content more easily than ever before.”  

“This democratization means more competition, but will also drive more unique, engaging content as creators push their creativity to the limits,” he adds, in an exclusive interview with Spotlight.

With the changes in content creation reshaping the marketing industry, deeper integration between creators, brands, and networks with new technology will continue to evolve. 

“With the rapid evolution of social media platforms and the rise of creator-centric technologies, content creators are becoming the epicenter of brand storytelling,” concludes Drummey. 

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