JPMorgan Chase Launches New Media Solutions Venture

JPMorgan Chase Launches New Media Solutions Venture

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: April 04, 2024

JPMorgan's Chase has formally announced the launch of Chase Media Solutions, a new platform designed to change targeted advertising for its customers.

Through the new initiative, marketers can now tap into the bank's vast collection of spending data to deliver tailored ads and exclusive discounts, directly accessible through the Chase app or website.

Chase Media Solutions also aims to provide marketers with valuable insights, allowing them to attribute results directly to their spending with Chase.

A sample of Chase Media Solutions' performance dashboard.
A Sample of Chase's Solution Performance Dashboard | Source: Chase Media Solutions

This level of accountability is particularly crucial for marketers under pressure to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

"Like retailers, we have first-party data and a dedicated audience. But what sets us apart is the unrivaled scale and insights from our customers – having long-served as a trusted guide for their financial decisions," Rich Muhlstock, head of offers and e-commerce at Chase, shared in a press release.

What Makes Chase Media Solutions Special?

Unlike traditional advertising models, Chase Media Solutions operates on a unique fee structure, charging merchants only when a customer utilizes a deal to make a purchase.

This approach aims to drive sales while offering customers relevant and enticing offers that complement their spending habits.

"We would target within our platform our customers based on our spending insights," Muhlstock explained. "In turn, the brands only pay when a purchase is made."

Through this pay-per-action model, the platform not only provides value to advertisers, but also ensures a seamless and personalized experience for Chase customers.

The Shift to Targeted Advertising

Chase's forray into targeted advertising follows a trend seen among other major companies like Best Buy and Uber, who have leveraged customer data to enhance their marketing efforts.

However, Chase emphasizes its commitment to data security and privacy, assuring customers that their personal information remains protected and cannot be shared with advertisers.

Chase's targeted ad campaigns have already been proven effective based on demonstrations it conducted through a successful pilot program with Air Canada.

Chase was successful in Air Canada's campaign.
Results of the Air Canada Campaign | Source: Chase Media Solutions

During the campaign, ads and relevant deals were strategically shown to users based on their transaction history, resulting in a significant increase in sales for the airline.

"We will be part of larger campaigns because there are other things that are obviously always going to be important to building brands and awareness and things like that," Muhlstock said. "But this fits in nicely with something that can truly drive sales."

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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