Where Does Gen-Z Stand with Targeted Ads?

Where Does Gen-Z Stand with Targeted Ads?

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 29, 2023

With the inevitable end of third-party cookies, targeted ads have taken a rise and remain a prominent component of effective digital campaigns.

However, just how receptive are Gen-Z audiences to it? 

To answer this question, marketing firm Tinuiti conducted a study earlier this year by surveying over 5,000 respondents on topics such as consumer product goods and online privacy.

Gen-Z Is More Accepting of Targeted Ads

The study revealed that young adults have grown to accept targeted ads, and are three times (37%) more receptive to data tracking to find ads relevant to them compared to baby boomers. 

Additionally, they are also more likely to do research (43%) on products in a search engine before purchasing them and scan QR codes (25%) compared to the older generation. 

Meanwhile, Gen-Z audiences are less likely to clear their cookies or use ad-blocking tools compared to the older generation but use VPNs more than them.

Influencer marketing also plays a big role in the decisions of Gen-Z online consumers, as over 75% of Gen-Z respondents bought a product based on influencer recommendations.

"Influencers are quickly becoming a trusted source of recommendations for many consumers, especially Gen-Zers, and their role in product discovery and purchases is only going to grow from here,” Tinuiti Vice President Andy Taylor told Marketing Dive.

The influence this type of marketing has on Gen-Zers doesn't just end with product discovery and online purchasing.

For influencers, targeted ads have also been integral to the behavior the generation has when shopping outside the screens. 

"Social media’s influence even extends to the in-store experience, as Gen-Zers were far more likely than older generations to search on social media for brands while doing research in stores," Taylor concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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