Gaming Tech That Blew Us Away at CES 2023

Gaming Tech That Blew Us Away at CES 2023

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 12, 2023

If there is one thing this year’s CES brought to the table, it’s a new approach to playing the games we already have. In this case, it wasn’t about the games, but how we play them.

Check out some of Spotlight’s favorite gaming tech from CES 2023 below!

Samsung's Enormour Gaming Monitor

Samsung presented its giant curved monitor, one to impress even the most professional of gamers. The Odyssey Neo G9 is a whopping 57 inches with a 7,680 x 2,160-pixel resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio. While the price is yet to be determined, the Odyssey Neo G9 is scheduled for sale in March this year. Unfortunately, it’s a rare graphics processing unit that can support this monitor due to its sheer magnitude.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G6 Monitor
(Source: Samsung)

HyperX Personalizes Your Keyboard

Gaming gear company HyperX announced the release of personalized 3D-printed keycaps that will give your keyboard a makeover. The keycap collections include dark fantasy themes, a more “cute and cozy” aesthetic, and replacement keys designed as mini sculptures. The keycaps will be released beginning this month at about $20 apiece. Fans of HyperX’s keycap collections can expect more designs throughout the year and even collaborations with celebrities.

Personalized keyboard accessories in the shape of ducks
(Source: HyperX)

Sony Unvelis Its Accessibillity Controller

Project Leonardo, the codename for Sony’s PlayStation 5 accessibility kit, “will allow players with disabilities to play more easily, more comfortably and for longer periods.” Sony collaborated on the kit with accessibility groups AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and StackUp to ensure a product that will be functional for a range of players with challenges that include limited mobility, difficulty pressing small groups of buttons and difficulty holding a controller for a prolonged period of time.

"We finally settled on a 'split controller' design that allows near free-form left/right thumb stick repositionability, can be used without needing to be held, and features very flexible button and stick cap swapping.” Sony designer So Morimoto said in a blog post.

The controller can also flexibly accept combinations of accessibility accessories to create a unique aesthetic," he added.

Sony accessibility controllers in white and black
(Source: Sony)

Peak Inside Your PC with HYTE

HYTE’s new glass tower case, the Y40, is a must-have product for enthusiasts. Featuring two-piece panoramic glass, it gives users a clear view into their PC and the panels can also be removed without any tools ensuring quick and easy access to your PC.

Not to mention, there is an aesthetic design component as well. The tower case is available in three colors: white with a black interior, black with a black interior and red with a black interior.

Transparent black tower case for PC on table
(Source: HYTE)

Dell's Budget-Friendly Gaming Laptops

With the help of its newest intel, Dell has improved its G15 and G16 gaming laptops, surprising audiences with a next-level gaming laptop that won’t break the bank. The redesign sees the new and improved G15 and G16 with chunky, angular bodies and a two-tone design.

The laptops have even drawn comparisons to Alienware’s gaming laptops, with a new vapor chamber and thermal interface. The prices for Dell’s models range from $850 to $1,500.

Dell laptops in various colors
(Source: Dell)

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