Campbell's Reimagines Iconic Can With AI Art

Campbell's Reimagines Iconic Can With AI Art
Published: March 14, 2024

Campbell's Canada, a brand synonymous with condensed soup and pop art iconography, is taking a fresh approach to its classic red-and-white can.

The company is leveraging generative AI to create a series titled "Campbell's pAIntings," which features the can reimagined through the lens of various artistic movements.

In a 45-second spot released on YouTube, the household name explains the simple rationale behind the campaign.

“Over 60 years ago, Campbell’s Soup became an art icon. What if other legendary artists had been inspired by our can? We used AI to find out,” the text reads as a modern rendition of classical music plays in the background.

AI-generated artworks featured in the campaign then flash onscreen in time to the beat of the music.

The spot ends with a call to action asking views to “Get inspired at Campbell's pAIntings.”

A Modern Take on a Classic Design

Imagine the Campbell's can transform into a swirling dreamscape of Salvador Dalí-inspired surrealism, or a geometric abstraction reminiscent of Piet Mondrian's work.

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These unique AI artworks will be showcased on the brand's Instagram account, turning it into a gallery where art enthusiasts can engage with the campaign.

Campbell’s Canada will also give away limited-edition printed copies of the artworks with an Instagram execution on March 15.

Additionally, commuters will encounter the "Campbell's pAIntings" in unexpected locations, with transit shelter displays featuring the reimagined cans.

This AI-generated artwork of Campbell's soup can uses impressionism style.
Campbell's pAIntings' Impressionism Version | Source: Canpbell's Canada

By embracing AI and artistic innovation, “Campbell's pAIntings” aims to breathe new life into the classic can while solidifying the brand's position at the intersection of pop culture and artistic expression.

“Campbell’s soup is a brand grounded in a great deal of tradition, but it’s equally important to evolve and engage with modern trends to continue to stay relevant today and for years to come,” Campbell’s Canada VP of Marketing Mackenzie Davison said.

“Campbell’s pAIntings immediately drew us in as a way to tap into today’s culture that stays true to the brand’s history.”

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