Cadbury Is 'Guaranteed Not to Last' In New Set of Ads

Cadbury Is 'Guaranteed Not to Last' In New Set of Ads
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 25, 2024

Froneri's Cadbury just released a new ad series that takes a bold turn from its usual product-centric spots.

Made together with creative agency VCCP London, the 'Guaranteed Not to Last' campaign steers clear from mouth-watering shots of Cadbury products, and instead zooms into all-too-relatable family scenarios.

In the 20-second ad "Mum & Son," a kid greets his mother before walking up to the freezer to get a pint of Cadbury ice cream. 

To his disappointment, the container was already empty.

As he puts the pint back and walks away, his mom gives him a smirk — implying that she was the culprit of the empty tub all along. 

The second commercial "Dad & Kids" follows the same premise.

A dad opens his freezer and is greeted by an empty box of Cadbury ice cream bars. 

As he breathes a sigh of disappointment, he turns to his two sons, who then avoid eye contact with him after eating it all. 

Directed by award-winning director Lucy Bridger, the two ads will be accompanied by several digital and out-of-home (OOH) efforts across the summer.

Froneri Global Marketing Manager Charlotte Hambling shared his thoughts on the campaign, believing it to have a "real cut through" in the ice cream category. 

"It’s rich in emotion and taps into such a powerful human truth. Casting real families brought additional warmth and authenticity and will resonate strongly with our family audience," Hambling shared.

"The ad also plays to the relatable, slice-of-life scenarios that we have come to love from Cadbury… this ice cream is guaranteed not to last in any household!"

Meanwhile, VCCP London Creative Directors Daniel Glover-James and Elias Torres expounded on the idea behind the spots, commenting on their relatability. 

"We’ve all been there, looking forward to a Cadbury Ice Cream, heading to the freezer, opening the box… and it’s empty! Someone has got there first, and they’ve even put the empty box back in the freezer! We wanted to share that frustration, to let people know we feel their pain," they shared. 

Cadbury Launches New Mini Eggs Campaign

Alongside the campaign, the chocolate maker and VCCP London have launched a new effort to promote its Mini Eggs in time for Easter.

A set of OOH ads depict the three-centimeter tall eggs in what appears to be tall billboards.

However, it's later revealed that these adverts are less than meets the eye.

Once zoomed out, viewers come to find that the "billboards" were just tiny, notepad-sized display boards standing on top of ledges and street podiums,

The campaign was made together with the creation studio Girl&Bear, Bernadette, and model maker Paul Baker, who helped create the miniature ladder, bucket, and brush.

Cadbury also launched its fourth 'Worldwide Hide' Ester campaign last month.
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