Cadbury Celebrates Easter with 4th 'Worldwide Hide'

Cadbury Celebrates Easter with 4th 'Worldwide Hide'
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 27, 2024

Cadbury is bringing back its highly-anticipated Easter campaign "The Cadbury Worldwide Hide" for its fourth year, promising an innovative take on the classic Easter egg hunt.

The campaign, made by creative agency VCCP London, introduces an online platform that enables participants to hide Easter eggs anywhere globally for their loved ones, complete with personalized clues.

Building on previous successes, Cadbury launches 'The Worldwide Hide' with an outdoor-led campaign featuring twelve hero OOH posters.

Cadbury's Worldwide Hide Ad
A Cadbury Easter egg stands amongst the houses | Source: VCCP

Produced by VCCP’s global content creation studio Girl&Bear, the posters use real clues from the 300,000 past participants of the event, set against scenic everyday landscapes to bring unique memories to life.

One poster depicts a giant Cadbury Easter egg next to a forest with the clue "Where I caught feelings for you," while another is set amongst houses together with the clue "Where we have the best chicken dinners."

Cadbury Drives Easter Campaign Through Authentic Storytelling

To boost the campaign's reach, the confectionary giant brings clues to life using authentic stories from street-cast individuals, which will be featured across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

In a first for the Worldwide Hide platform, Cadbury has also collaborated with VCCP to create ten 30" Spotify ads targeted to specific playlist interests on the platform.

The Worldwide Hide platform, developed by VCCP’s digital innovation company Bernadette, invites individuals to hide Easter eggs virtually or have real chocolate eggs delivered worldwide. The platform integrates Google Maps street view for an immersive experience, allowing hiders to send personalized clues to their loved ones.

Charlotte Parkes, senior brand manager at Mondelēz International, expresses Cadbury's commitment to fostering generosity through the campaign.

"At Cadbury, we love to encourage more generosity in the world and this campaign continues doing just that," Parkes said.

Meanwhile, VCCP London Creative Director Zoë Stock highlighted the personal significance behind selecting hiding spots.

"Taking part in Worldwide Hide means having a good old think about somewhere special to hide your egg for someone - reminiscing about where funny stories happened, disastrous holidays, or private jokes. And this year, we wanted the genuine clues submitted by the public to be the inspiration for this," Stock shared.

"To remind people of those inconspicuous places that somehow wind-up meaning so much to only you and one other person in the world."

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