Aurora Mobile Teams Up with Baidu’s ERNIE Bot

Aurora Mobile Teams Up with Baidu’s ERNIE Bot

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 22, 2023

Aurora Mobile Limited has teamed up with Baidu’s ERNIE Bot to develop a full range of artificial intelligence interactive marketing products, the company announced Tuesday.  

The partnership will give them access to Baidu’s own generative AI chatbot and allow them to “apply Baidu’s leading intelligent dialogue technology in its customer engagement and marketing technology services.”  

Moreover, the company will have priority to participate in Baidu’s internal testing for ERNIE Bot and integrate it into its products.  

“[The] company will cooperate with Baidu in related product development, standards formulation, and jointly develop AI-driven solutions to address enterprises’ needs in omni-channel user engagement leveraging technology sharing, training and joint marketing,” the statement wrote.  

With this move, the mobile data solutions giant hopes to be a step closer to implementing its “AI-driven strategy” with support from Baidu’s promising AI chatbot tech.  

Baidu has been developing AI technology for the past decade, but it was only until last January when it formally announced its plans to create an AI chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. A week following the announcement, the Chinese search engine company has officially dubbed its new service ‘ERNIE Bot.’  

According to a company spokesperson, Baidu's ERNIE Bot sets itself apart from other language models because it “integrates extensive knowledge with massive data, resulting in exceptional understanding and generation capabilities.” 

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