Baidu To Launch ChatGPT-like Technology in March

Baidu To Launch ChatGPT-like Technology in March

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 30, 2023

China’s largest search engine Baidu is planning to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot this coming March, and the service will be similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT 

According to a report by Reuters, the AI chatbot service will be launched as its own application before eventually being merged into Baidu’s search engine 

The new service, which remains unnamed, will give users search results in a conversational manner, much like ChatGPT. Users may also make search requests and receive more than just links, according to the source, who refused to be named.  

Baidu declined to speak on the matter. 

With the race to AI becoming more prominent in the past year, the Chinese search giant has dedicated billions of dollars to the research and custom software development companies of AI tech. Several Chinese tech companies are also looking into using generative AI, attracting investors such as Sequoia and Sinovation Ventures.  

Microsoft has also invested $1 billion into OpenAI – the company that launched the widely popular ChatGPT. The company has also incorporated OpenAI’s image-generating software into its Bing search engine to challenge rivaling companies such as Google 

While the move towards AI shows promise, Microsoft’s cost-cutting measures have greatly affected its workforce, laying off 10,000 employees to prepare for slower revenue growth in the year ahead.  

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