An Increased Number of Americans Support AI in Healthcare

An Increased Number of Americans Support AI in Healthcare

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 14, 2023

There has been a notable surge in the integration of AI within the U.S. healthcare sector in recent years, reflecting a growing trend towards leveraging the tech to create breakthrough discoveries and enhance diagnostics, treatment and overall patient care.

However, despite its increasing use, a challenge lies in establishing trust, as the use of AI technology raises concerns about reliability and transparency.

Half of U.S. Adults Trust AI for Healthcare

A significant proportion of Americans express trust in AI applications within healthcare. 

According to a new survey conducted by Medtronic and Morning Consult, more than half of U.S. adults (51%) express optimism about the potential for AI to drive major advancements in healthcare in 2024.

Medtronic shared its findings revealing that 61% of respondents believe AI's primary benefit in healthcare lies in its ability to diagnose and detect health conditions earlier.

Additionally, 65% of adults agree that technology, specifically AI, can help break down barriers to accessing healthcare services, indicating a positive perception of AI's role in improving healthcare accessibility.

Ken Washington, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Medtronic, emphasizes the transformative impact of disruptive technologies like AI on daily lives, stating that the survey reflects strong optimism regarding AI's potential in healthcare.

"The reality is, the way we engage with AI will likely look radically different five to 10 years from now. That said, there is one thing I'm certain of — the responsible, ethical use of AI has the power to radically improve healthcare for both patients and doctors," Washington explained.

The Current Use of AI in Healthcare

There have been several noteworthy AI breakthroughs in health and medicine in recent weeks, underscoring the rapid pace at which this technology is advancing both fields.

Cercle, an AI company geared towards advancing women's healthcare, unveiled its new AI-powered Biomedical Graph platform which accumulates billions of depersonalized biomedical and genomics data points collected from healthcare clinics and laboratories globally.

Meanwhile, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology conducted a study involving deep brain stimulation (DBS) and used AI to quickly and accurately analyze patient brain activity. 

With these recent breakthroughs, the impact of AI in healthcare becomes increasingly tangible, promising transformative advancements that hold the potential to revolutionize the field in ways we soon won't have to imagine.

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