Cercle AI Makes a Breakthrough in Precision Medicine

Cercle AI Makes a Breakthrough in Precision Medicine

Published: November 13, 2023

Cercle, an innovative AI company dedicated to advancing women's healthcare, emerged from stealth mode on Wednesday by unveiling its groundbreaking Cercle Biomedical Graph platform.

Leveraging AI, the platform gathers billions of de-identified biomedical and genomics data points from healthcare clinics and labs worldwide. Cercle's AI transforms unstructured clinical data into actionable insights, aiming to bridge data gaps in women's healthcare.

The platform, a pioneer of its kind, offers personalized and precise treatment plans based on anonymized medical histories.

Cercle's CEO and co-founder Juan Carlos Riveiro emphasized the company's mission in a press release, stating that the company believes a healthy life is a right and not a privilege.

By utilizing AI to convert raw and fragmented data into real-world evidence, Cercle addresses the challenge of analyzing up to 80% of unstructured medical data.

Partnerships with Eurofins Genoma and US Fertility enhance the platform, providing access to anonymized data and fostering technology development.

The collaboration with U.S. Fertility has optimized research and quality assurance capabilities, leading to hopes of elevating in vitro fertilization outcomes.

Kate Devine, M.D., Medical Director and Chief Research Officer at U.S. Fertility, sees AI tools as essential for advancing patient outcomes and optimizing efficiency in fertility care.

Eurofins Genoma echoes the excitement about AI in healthcare, emphasizing the efficient insights gained through Cercle's biomedical graph.

The platform initially focused on fertility, aims to address the data gap in women's healthcare and extend support to various healthcare verticals in the future.

Cercle's platform is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the secure handling of data without managing personal information.

Lead investors, including Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal through their venture fund, Sandberg Bernthal Venture Partners, validate Cercle's approach.

Gareth Schweitzer, a Cercle board member, and partner at SBVP, anticipates the platform's continued upward trajectory, emphasizing its commitment to affordability and democratizing access to data insights.

Cercle's transformative technology signals a new era in women's healthcare, leveraging AI to drive precision medicine and address critical data challenges.

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