Three Times the Las Vegas Sphere Won the Internet

Three Times the Las Vegas Sphere Won the Internet

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: October 16, 2023

It's only been three months since the Las Vegas Sphere lit up its lights for the first time, but the monument has already captured the hearts and eyes of many with its inventive brand promotions and captivating visuals.

An all-in-one LED lights show, concert venue, and tourist attraction, we rounded up three moments the Las Vegas Sphere has won over the internet.

NBA 2K24 Summer League Promotions

In July, the National Basketball Association (NBA) became one of the first organizations to tap into the marketing power of the Las Vegas Sphere to promote this year's off-season NBA Summer League.

As part of its campaign, the company transformed the dome-shaped arena into a 366-foot-tall basketball, mesmerizing passers-by and fans all over the internet.

U2 Live at the Las Vegas Sphere

Decked out with over 1.2 million LED lights and a 580,000-square-foot display, the Las Vegas Sphere also offers a concert experience unlike anything we've seen before.

The plaza opened its doors for the first time to concert-goers on September 29, when Irish rock band U2 showed the world just what it's like to hold a concert in the new venue.

Throughout the two-hour show, the Sphere's LED walls flashed captivating visuals and live close-ups of the band, pushing the boundaries of live performance. 

NBA superstar Lebron James, American pop artist Lady Gaga, and Hollywood actress Sydney Sweeney were among the celebrities who attended the U2 concerts.

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The band is slated to have several more shows in the Sphere before the year ends. 

Sphere Transforms Into a Giant Eyeball

Days after its operational debut, the Sphere transformed into the "world's biggest eyeball" looking out into different directions, which easily garnered the attention of social media users across the internet.

While some Las Vegas residents were "freaked out" upon seeing the eyeball, several users have expressed their amusement about the bizarre display.

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